2016 Heilongjiang winter tourism theme the crown of snow and smooth Longjiang – Sohu travel superrecovery

The 2016 Heilongjiang winter tourism theme: snow crown? Chang Longjiang – Sohu of Harbin Tourism World ice and snow crystal like a fairy tale castle; Qigihar Zhalong Red Crowned Crane across the snow and ice on the sky; Mudanjiang Lake Jingpo spectacular; Mohe County North Village Christmas Santa Claus smile shoulder pockets filled with gifts. Waiting for the guests from afar…… During the national day with eleven China most North Point of Mohe County usher in the first snow this year, Heilongjiang has moved into the most beautiful season of ice and snow tourism. Heilongjiang Province Tourism mascot "cool tiger" the afternoon of October 27th, sponsored by the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Committee "snow crown · Chang Longjiang 2016 Heilongjiang winter tourism promotion will be held in Beijing, the National Tourism Bureau deputy director Li Shihong, vice governor of Heilongjiang province Wang Aiwen, the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission Director tin Dongguang, Beijing Municipal Tourism Commission deputy director Yu Debin, Olympic champion, Heilongjiang Winter Tourism Ambassador Wang? Come to the scene, the first brigade, CYTS, Chinese tourism group, Ctrip, the way cattle, with the way the other hundred large domestic travel business, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, more than 70 attended the seminar, officially opened the prelude to the Heilongjiang ice and snow tourism 2016. The five big snow white platinum tourism line brings the northern winter beauty of Heilongjiang is located in the northern part of the motherland, the special geographical location, climate and human history, given the unique charm of Heilongjiang snow. In order to implement the general secretary Xi Jinping is also a world of ice and snow jinshanyinshan Commission, Heilongjiang province is committed to the ice as core resources and development of tourism products, the upgrading of the five platinum line for the people of Beijing snow tourism. "Winter in Heilongjiang, beautiful scenery, unique customs and properties. We then combined "Miyuki Xiang", "cherry snow", "mysterious ice lake", "ice and snow", "Arctic Christmas" and other 5 specialty lines. They are the first Harbin + Yabuli + snow Township Harbin + Lantau Peak; second Harbin + Daqing + Qigihar + Harbin + Wudalianchi; third is the Tiger peak ridge + Hengdaohezi + Mudanjiang + Lake Jingpo; fourth Harbin + Yichun + + Tieli Kuerbin; fifth Harbin + Mohe County + arctic arctic village + Christmas Village, welcome to Longjiang this winter and do not feel the same scenery." Director of the Heilongjiang Provincial Tourism Commission, said at the conference site in east. This year the 5 snow fine line covers the Heilongjiang ice and snow tourism "ten points", including: the world’s largest ice and Snow Festival, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, the ice snow world theme park, the world’s largest snow art group, the world’s largest Sun Island snow Bo, the world’s only Ice Red Crowned Crane Habitat, Chinese Zhalong wetland, the largest and most professional ski resort, Yabuli ski resort, the most extreme Chinese these beautiful place, snow village, Chinese area of the largest snow red pine, Yichun, China’s largest ice waterfall, Lake Jingpo, to the cold Chinese only Santa Claus Village and China, Arctic village, China pose the most beautiful rime forest, Kuerbin rime, show Heilongjiang as "snow"相关的主题文章: