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Why is your extreme body building workouts routine not able to provide you the results you wanted? That is a million dollar question that bodybuilding beginners ask time after time again. Ok, some of you did all the hard work. Weeks of body building workouts, dieting and spending all the money on bodybuilding supplement. Still, you are unable to see the results you wanted. In the end, not only you feel frustrated, you will feel like giving up the entire thing. Wonder why? 3 Reasons 1) Not Having An Overall Schedule For Your Body Building Workouts One of the most powerful tip especially for a beginner is to have workout schedule that works on your different muscle each day. This prevents your same muscles from getting the pain while working on every aspect of your body. Example of a 7 day workout is as follows: Day 1 – shoulder and arms workout Day 2 – aerobic Day 3 – lower body workout Day 4 – martial arts Day 5 – chest and back workout Day 6 – yoga Day 7 – rest Everyday, preferably around the similar time of a day, you ought to be working out your body. This will train your mind to cultivate this habit and program your mind to continue to do the same thing everyday. By doing this, it will make you feel guilty if you were to skip any workout session. In addition, by picturing exactly how you are going to do the workout, from the clothes you going to wear to how many repetitions of an exercise you do, you will further strengthen your mindset to ac.plish your entire workout schedule. 2) Your Body Building Diet Plan is Not Good Enough With the word "diet", you may think you need to keep yourself hungry. In actual fact you need to eat more frequent meals to fuel your energy to do those body building workouts. However, you cannot go to the other extreme, that is eating too much. Therefore, every meal should be balance. Each meal should contain plenty of fruits and vegetables, protein, carbs and some good fats. Indeed you need to also reduce your intake of sweet stuffs and oily food to minimize fat levels but build muscle faster. Water is no doubt, one of the most important things you need in you body. To keep your body hydrated when you are working out your body, you need drink lots of water. In addition, water also helps you by keeping you full and giving you the extra energy to do a workout. It is great for you in every aspect. No matter how intense your training or work out are, your results will definitely be better if your diet is in place with your ultimate goal of gaining muscle. 3) Bad Supplements To .plement your extreme body building workouts, you certainly need good supplements. However, you must take extra precaution and be careful of the supplements that you take into your body. Some of this supplements contains unhealthy ingredients such as artificial coloring and flavor and sweeteners which are definitely not good for your body in the long run For me, steroids are definitely a big no for me. They are expensive, addictive and could cause side effects such as high blood pressure, hair loss, and acne. What you should consider taking into your body are things like vitamin C, protein powders and fish oils. There are many shakes and drinks which not only provide all those things you need in your body, but also taste delicious. By taking the correct supplements, you will obtain energy, increase your intensity in the gym and gain muscle at a quicker rate. However, you have to make sure to check with a doctor before implementing any vitamin or supplement regimens. Finally, to achieve success in body building, you need a great dose of .mitment, focus and dedication. Always remember the reason why are you doing it in the first place. The reason need to be very .pelling and able to drive you to do your workout and dieting every single day. Start making the changes right now! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: