500 DK Mito with children to explore the underwater world – Sohu maternal and child icesword

500 DK beauties with their children to explore the underwater world – Sohu mother and child in the first 365 days of the year, they are every day in the world’s top dive site to explore. They found that many people seldom see or not animal, observe their behavior. Their ultimate purpose is to arouse the people to protect the marine environment (including the animal and other sea creatures) consciousness, let people know the importance of protecting the marine environment, marine and strive for better tomorrow. They are diving paradise, scarba Rui (SCUBAZOO) staff, "marine world" involved in the text and pictures are derived from this. 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by the ocean, but we don’t know much about the ocean and the sea". How much marine life, we can see from the following description. So far, more than 4000 species of fish have been studied and new species have been discovered. The fish are not all the creatures in the coral reef. Deep into the coral reef, there will be more amazing discoveries. My first dive was in the coral reefs of South East asia. Scarba diving paradise Rui colleagues have given me the guide, from then on, a get out of hand. The impression that a coral is a riot of colours world, in fact it has been shrouded in the clouds: they continue to suffer the threat of destruction by human beings. [exclusive] DK boutique sale 35% off "marine world" "tropical rainforest" DK brand that all genuine, press directly the book price: 128.7 open the book, You’ll see. why is called "Coral Sea rainforest". Because it is not only a wide range of biodiversity, but also vulnerable to rain forests. Greedy and short-sighted man can not see the urgency of the protection of the marine, do not see the necessity of protecting ecosystem fragile coral reefs, and excessive and destructive fishing, marine pollution, coastal development and global warming are threatening the survival of coral. In 1998, the sea water temperature rose, coral around the world so white. In Great Barrier Reef and Thailand, I witnessed the horrors. A large number of dead coral, leaving a pale. Only in Maldives, it is estimated that 80% of the shallow coral death, has not been restored. But this book is not to tell you all these bad news – the new protection plan is being launched, which undoubtedly makes us see the hope. For example, in Malaysia, Sabah established a diving paradise base, Marine Conservation Association, Sabah Park and the local community to work together, to create a protected marine sanctuary in Ocean Park Karan tongsa. Britain and other marine conservation associations are also actively working to change the marine environment. We will spare no effort to support the cause of protecting the sea. I believe that after you read this book, the mystery that will become our friend. Title: "DK underwater world: coral reef and fish’s paradise" published date: October 2016 0相关的主题文章: