The Spring Festival holiday news review human first direct detection of gravitational waves 东北财经大学法学院

The Spring Festival holiday news review: human first direct detection of gravitational waves over the Spring Festival holiday, let us work together to review the holiday news: human first direct detection of gravitational waves in a century before Einstein proposed the theory of general relativity, LIGO scientists announced in the project report and general relativity with progress in two aspects related: the first direct detection of gravitational waves, and the first observation of two black holes collide and merge. Robin Li and Gong Yu proposed the transaction valuation of $2 billion 800 million acquisition of Iqiyi Baidu announced today that the board of directors of the company received the company chairman and CEO Robin Li and Iqiyi CEO Gong Yu’s preliminary non binding proposal, held by Baidu’s stake in Iqiyi plans to close. Excluding cash-free and debt-free, which excludes cash and liabilities outside the contract, the transaction was valued at $2 billion 800 million by Iqiyi. The Ministry of public security registration open "e rent treasure case investor information reporter learned from the Ministry of public security, illegal fund-raising cases investors registration information platform construction of the Ministry of Public Security Organization (website address:, today officially opened, and the first of the" e rent treasure and its affiliates, suspected of illegal fund-raising cases (registration deadline for investors to open from February 13, 2016 to May 13, 2016). 360 to join the Kunlun World Wide Web: $1 billion 230 million acquisition of Opera Beijing time on February 10th, a group of Chinese company to Norway mobile Browse Companies Opera issued a tender offer, hope to Norway 10 billion 500 million kronor ($1 billion 230 million) a wholly-owned acquisition of the company. Buyers include Qihoo 360 and Kunlun web, they plan to share 71 NOK (US $8.29 per share) the price of the acquisition. Ali music investment Korean entertainment company SM will cooperate to develop in February 11th, Ali music announced with South Korean entertainment company S.M. ENTERTAINMENT (hereinafter referred to as "SM") in China’s domestic music business and e-commerce cooperation, while Alibaba group will acquire S.M. ENTERTAINMENT 4% shares. Apple will be set up in India outside the United States first R & D center in India is about the establishment of the Hyderabad Apple technology development center. This will be Apple’s first R & D center outside the United states. The R & D center will cover an area is 250 thousand square feet (about 23 thousand and 200 square meters), will invest $25 million, is expected to create 4500 jobs in the local. 790 thousand people gathered in 215 million equal per capita 271 yuan Alipay five Alipay released Spring Festival "poofing a poofing" data, interactive platform to participate in up to 324 billion 500 million times the number is 29.5 times the Spring Festival last year, the number of interaction. Finally, there are 791405 users collect Wufu, share the 215 million awards, 271.66 yuan per capita. HTC Wang Xuehong encounters fraud: being friends.

春节假期要闻回顾:人类首次直接探测到引力波   春节假期结束了,让我们一起来回顾下假期要闻:   人类首次直接探测到引力波   爱因斯坦在一个世纪之前提出了广义相对论, LIGO项目的科学家们发布报告宣布在与广义相对论有关联两个方面取得的进展:首次直接探测到引力波,以及首次观测到两个黑洞的碰撞与合并。   李彦宏和龚宇提议收购爱奇艺 交易估值28亿美元     百度今日宣布,公司董事会接到公司董事长兼CEO李彦宏和爱奇艺CEO龚宇的初步非约束性收购提议,计划收百度所持有的爱奇艺股份。排除现金及负债交易(cash-free and debt-free,即把现金与负债排除在合约之外),该交易为爱奇艺估值28亿美元。   公安部开放登记“e租宝”案投资人信息    记者从公安部获悉,公安部组织建设的非法集资案件投资人信息登记平台(网站地址,即日起正式启用,并首先对“e租宝”及其关联公司涉嫌非法集资案件的投资人开放(登记期限为2016年2月13日至2016年5月13日)。   360携手昆仑万维收购Opera:总额12.3亿美元   北京时间2月10日,一组中国公司向挪威移动浏览器公司Opera发出收购要约,希望以105亿挪威克朗(约合12.3亿美元)全资收购该公司。收购方包括奇虎360和昆仑万维,他们计划以每股71挪威克朗(约合每股8.29美元)的价格展开收购。   阿里音乐投资韩国娱乐公司SM 未来将合作发展   2月11日,阿里音乐宣布将与韩国娱乐公司S.M。 ENTERTAINMENT(以下简称为“SM”)在中国国内音乐事业以及电子商务展开合作,同时阿里巴巴集团将收购S.M。 ENTERTAINMENT 4%股份。   苹果将在印度成立美国以外首个研发中心    苹果即将在印度海德拉巴成立技术研发中心。这将是苹果在美国以外的首个研发中心。这一研发中心的占地将为25万平方英尺(约合2.32万平方米),投资将为2500万美元,预计将在当地创造4500个工作岗位。   79万人集齐支付宝五福平分2.15亿 人均271元   支付宝公布春晚“咻一咻”数据,互动平台的总参与次数达3245亿次,是去年春晚互动次数的29.5倍。最终,有791,405位用户集齐了五福,平分了2.15亿的大奖,人均271.66元。   HTC王雪红遭遇诈骗:被友人骗走4862万元   据台媒报道,宏达电董事长王雪红女士在美国遭到诈骗,被自己的朋友骗走740万美元(约合人民币4862.54万元)。相关的主题文章: