Qi Tan 3 listed in 2017 has a huge fear hopeless world outlook beef怎么读�

"Qi Tan 3" listed in 2017 has a huge fear hopeless world outlook network has begun to "San Tang Qi Tan 3" creation, but apart from some broke the producer and we do not see more substantive content, such as the game player is most concerned about the schedule and time to market issues. But before CEO Meng Xianming in an interview in 2017 that seems to be unable to see the arrival of "3 swords". "Qi Tan 3" in 2017 or hopeless when asked "Qi 3" time to market Meng Xianming said, "Qi Tan three" can be said to be a new milepost type works, game player also need to wait patiently. We know that "Gu Jian" brand to create an independent view of the world, with a unique perspective Chinese interpretation of classical culture. In "Qi Tan three", the world outlook has been gradually complete. Therefore, they will be third of the world view is very large, the production cycle also needs a little longer. "There will be huge swords 3" world view "Gujian" was launched to attract a large number of game player, "Qi Tan two" in the generation basis to further enhance the quality of the game, let more people love Qi brand, believe that "Qi Tan three" also can have a qualitative leap. "Qi 3" will continue battle rather than before the round system project producer said, "Gu Jiansan" will continue the battle system immediately set, and this direction continues to deepen, appropriate to add new elements. Fighting for the full instant, the scene directly to the war, no longer switch individual combat scenes. The process of fluency and pleasure will be the focus of consideration. (source: swim fast edit: not pleased) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: