Idol type and strength to send top of Lifan Marvell 魔界骑士イングリッド

Idol type and strength of Marvell sent Lifan top with a license for almost two years, just because of work and their own economic situation, there are foreigners in the mountain city of Chongqing novice really need experience and courage, so has not wanted to buy a car. This year, with the help of the home, down payment mortgage house, he also saved seventy thousand or eighty thousand dollars, so the intention to buy a car increasingly strong. (the most the most important is to have a female ticket, with the quality of life of the car feel has been greatly improved) starting this summer, they often forums on the Internet, look at the data, comparison, evaluation, basically summed up some of their requirements: 1, SUV, home road rotten, road base very high, as long as the rain, the car can not enter. 2, because in Chongqing, air conditioning refrigeration must be better. 3, Chongqing is also the reason that automatic worry and effort, this part of my request. As for ESP, at first I felt not essential, since there is a car on the first listen to YYP, not SUV ESP he would not consider, because ESP the high center of gravity, the greater probability of sideslip roll, so if there is a ESP must match. On these conditions, plus the maturity spending, my budget is less than 100 thousand, probably summed up with those conditions and does not exceed the budget, only marvell. And so on for more than 1 months, there is no white, and finally came to the top of the ESP with automatic block. The car is excited, as for the good will have to see the use of Chinese, owners of thousands, turnip cabbage love, I can sum up my feelings. Appearance and low matching with no difference, the first eye margin is very good, it can be said to a large extent is the appearance of the. On the wheel arch are covered with super thick sound insulation cotton, tire noise. Can really see the difference between inside, see no more than a ESP switch, the essence of! It was this little thing that kept me waiting for a long time. In the driving experience, Lifan Marvell looks like idol type like, with strength. Shift smooth, engine, gearbox is also very understanding, what is the feeling of power is pretty good. The same level of the most surprising 4AT gearbox, with low speed 1-2 file. The upper right corner of the shift lock, I read the instructions, the vehicle is a trailer when the accident, the gear is not linked to the N file, press this button, you can hang into the N file. The upper left corner of the E S is the mode switch, which is the Sport movement mode. Overall, the automatic SUV is a minimum requirement, and after each run for several months, Lifan Marvell to my surprise not only in appearance, is its intrinsic. To tell the truth, 5-7 million price of independent brand models can do so, it must be praised for its point. Lifan Marvell – looks like with like idol type, strength.相关的主题文章: