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The 2016 Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum opened in Lingshui Hainan District Hotel – travel channel full ACCCIM CRECC Lingshui summit and the 2016 Asia Pacific District Hotel cooperation forum opening ceremony in recent years, tourism consumption has become the whole society’s most important "consumer side", and the hotel industry has become a new engine to boost economic growth, in the face of the supply side continued to adjust, hotel industry innovation and development road in where? In August 26th, the joint CRECC Lingshui summit and the 2016 Asia Pacific Cooperation Forum held in Clear Water Bay District Hotel, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, many guests of the hotel industry on the road of innovation and development. 9 morning, the opening of the forum in the agile Raffles hotel. China Real Estate Chamber of Commerce Secretary Zhong Bin issued a "win in the service, Chinese real estate future blue ocean" keynote speech; Associate Professor, National Tourism Research Institute of Tsinghua University professor Yang Haoqiang made a speech entitled "supply side reforms, the new trend of the development of the hotel industry" speech. The forum held a roundtable forum leaders, from R & F, COFCO landmark, poly, agile, blue, CITIC, Biguiyuan, MGM, Hyatt and other well-known commercial real estate and Hotel Management Group executives, "the era of mass tourism, the hotel industry under a blue ocean" in depth, the continuous dry cargo. The same forum. Special overseas mergers and acquisitions presided over by the Katie Group Asia Pacific president Jia Qiong, in-depth discussion of the latest hot "Hotel Group International Merger and acquisition; asset securitization special for tourism real estate enterprises on how to inject" springhead "to provide professional experience benefit by mutual discussion, in order to combat the case. Guangdong, Bo Tao, Yu Ming, Jiahe holdings, Hilton, agile, Indochina, Jane, real smart, Vienna, with the brigade, Mengniu and other corporate executives as the main salon owners share the speakers, "the travel industry", "replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT)", "online travel" and "the night apartment", "Internet plus" and other topics and guests on behalf of industry launched a positive dialogue. The forum integrates the resources of the local tourism industry in Hainan to build a platform for communication and cooperation. The evening of August 25th, the first session of the second council chamber of Commerce held last year, work is summarized, and in-depth discussion on contradiction, hotel investment and management value, responsibility, innovation, forming a "Lingshui consensus". It is understood that the evening of August 26th also held a new bull China Hotel awards. As the annual awards all union real estate investment Hotel Kameralny Association, agile, South Garden, Guangdong and other stone? The world excellent hotel management company won the award of new bull. The forum is organized by the Asia Pacific Hotel Association, China hotel industry Celebrity Club, trans union real estate chamber of Commerce, the high Hotel Kameralny investment business association, China Hotel magazine co hosted, Hainan Hotel and catering industry association. From the domestic and foreign tourism and commercial real estate developers, hotel operators, well-known investment and financing institutions, the industry chain and the mainstream media representatives of a total of 500 people attended. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > Li Autonomous County People’s Government of Lingshui vice mayor Ding Min long speech at the opening ceremony of the whole union real estate)相关的主题文章: