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Shaanxi Jingbian 4000 acres of genetically modified corn seed dealers – arrested by strong shovel Beijing Shaanxi Jingbian 4000 acres of genetically modified maize by strong shovel seed dealers have been detained by the police experts suggest to promote the safety of transgenic technology industrialization in September 10th, Shaanxi Yulin Jingbian County farm, 74 year old villager Zhang Chunmei (a pseudonym) looked at the ground is spread all across in confusion cut the corn, burst into tears. More than and 60 acres of corn, to harvest, at the end of August is to inform the local government departments, must be forced out, the reason is genetically modified corn in male. And Zhang Chunmei have the same experience, there are a lot of farmers, they are located in the red pier Jingbian County, Huang Wei, sea, and so on the beach and other towns. According to informed sources, the local forced out of the existing more than 4 thousand acres of corn, the local government to guarantee farmers compensation 1400 yuan per mu. But the villagers think the compensation is too small. It is understood that one of the corn seed provider Liu Zhenguo has been detained by the police in Jingbian for illegal business, involving the amount of corn seeds up to 1 million 800 thousand yuan. Experts said that currently does not allow commercial cultivation of genetically modified corn, genetically modified varieties on the market outflows should be safe, is all through the safety evaluation of domestic and foreign institutions, people don’t have to worry about security issues, suggestions on strengthening the monitoring at the same time, transgenic technology industrialization process in China to promote the safe and timely mature technology. The first half of the corn planting event – a few days in Jingbian county is located in the northern limit to West Shaanxi Province, southwest of Yulin City, Wuding River, the Great Wall across the north and south, corn is the main crop. Drove more than 100 kilometers from the county town of Jingbian, from the highway to the dirt road, through the embellishment on the Loess Low grass, passing the fenced grazing sheep, then in the soil on the road to walk through for a long time, Zhang Chunmei’s red Pier – Jingbian County village – Jie Zhen Ge Dong he cun. September at noon, the sun is still hot, wearing a white hat has long pan Zhang Chunmei and granddaughter at home garden work. Because of years of toil, her finger thick, dark red. Next to the corn in the field is still growing, a tall corn stands in the fields, and some branches began to yellow, which is the sign of the maturity of corn. This is in contrast to the village beside a large corn is cut down. In Zhang Chunmei’s home ground, cut half a month ago to pour in the ground corn spread all across in confusion, the corn stalks with some dry is not completely ripe Corn Cob, a yellow. "(Jingbian) County, town and village cadres, and some agricultural departments of the people, to the village, said our corn is genetically modified, toxic, must be removed," Zhang Chunmei said. Many villagers confirmed Zhang Chunmei’s argument, in mid August, Jingbian County Agricultural Bureau of agricultural products have been identified in the car to the village of corn samples. A few days later, the local government department staff told the villagers to the village, they grow in the male seed corn contains genetically modified ingredients. Zhang Chunmei said that the villagers were told, to 27 in August to 31 on the road to eradicate all corn.相关的主题文章: