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Wuhai into a desert in the world Wine contest held permanent – Honorary President of Beijing Union of desert in the world Wine Bu Anne "Harvard will desert the world Wine contest held permanent authorization letter submitted to the Wuhai municipal Party committee secretary Song Liang hands in new network on 7 September, September 5th, by the association of Inner Mongolia branch, Chinese grape CCPIT, Wuhai the Municipal People’s Government hosted the China – Wuhai 2016" Silk Road "of desert in the world Wine Culture Festival Officially ended. The closing of the party, by the Wuhai municipal CPPCC Chairman Zhen Chenlan, Mexico wine magazine editor Carlos Armando reform Bo Paul Suarez, Wuhai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee Chairman Liu Biao, the Belgian Brussels liquor Publishing Group International Project Manager for avery Hansen cultural festival held during the "desert in the world Wine contest" in the award-winning brand of lottery. Belgium Brussels International Wine Competition chairman, honorary chairman of the World Federation of Anne desert Wine Bu Harvard will "authorization of desert in the world Wine contest held permanent handed over to the Wuhai municipal Party committee secretary Song Liang announced that Wuhai from the hands, as the" World desert wine contest held permanent. The desert is ours, the desert wine is the world! During the cultural festival as the most resounding SLOGAN, this sentence is the expression of the people of Wuhai will Wine deep down to the desert. During the Cultural Festival 3 days, guests from all over the world not only in various forms to participate in a label design Contest Selected Works Exhibition, international wine exhibition, photography exhibition, the first Wine desert scene of domestic type Wine exhibition in the world still Wine forum, international master desert forum, in the classroom to harvest micro brew desert Wine views and information from different countries and areas, and held the world’s first international tug of war across the Yellow River in the period, expressed the Wuhai people’s indomitable in this land of the spirit, game, grand, lively and interesting. This time, the Communist Party of China Cultural Festival reached a cooperation agreement in 7 categories, respectively is: to carry out inspection of western the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region public service platform for the construction of comprehensive cooperation, Wuhai city and the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region China Italy Puglia San Rahm, Inner Mongolia City, Wuhai City, cooperation in Beijing, Shanghai to build the world Wine desert promotion show center cooperation, the world trade center cooperation, Wine desert the Chateau international agency cooperation, the Wuhai desert Wine business platform data network cooperation and the promotion of marketing cooperation, Wuhai winery and its dealers signed cooperation and distribution, during the official held the world alliance inaugural ceremony Wine desert declaration wall opening ceremony, and one of the most exciting is held during the festival of the desert Wine Grand Prix World Championship. The contest is known as a wine called "Oscar" in Belgium, the Brussels International Wine Competition (CMB) as a special support unit, event full supervision, whether it is the schedule design, or is in accordance with the judges invited CMB race standard, Billy at the Brussels international wine competition is the world’s most authoritative, the most fair, most professional, the largest and most influential international professional wine challenge, is also the world’s top 3 events, only.相关的主题文章: