Can’t stop the mouth of the snacks, soft and crisp yellow make black sesame crackers and roll – Sohu 嘿嘿taxi

Can’t stop the mouth of the snacks, soft and crisp yellow make black sesame crackers and roll – Sohu in northern South Yellow Rice is glutinous rice flour, rice flour but only at the time of the Spring Festival will be made of yellow cake, Goo is yellow rice in Northeast China do, in addition to before and after the Spring Festival, the supermarket or the market rarely we can see the shadow, so not many cooking methods of glutinous rice flour; Encyclopedia: yellow rice in the north of a food, according to the dictionary, is to the shell millet fruit, slightly larger than millet, color yellow, cooked very sticky; put crushed into the millet millet, millet. That is, a yellow rice, millet millet commonly known as the. Recently, clean cabinet pulls out a bag of rice, head start thinking, can eat fried glutinous rice flour, rice flour is also ah ah, willya; the first try; cook is the experiment, no matter what the ingredients to create a new method of cooking rice flour; material: 230 grams, 160 grams of water, black sesame, walnut powder amount, amount of olive oil production process: 1, to prepare the rice flour, rice flour water; rice flour is similar to the south, is sticky; 2, add water, and into a soft dough, 3 pan on the stove, the fire heat, pour the olive oil more than usual, cooking oil; 4, take half the dough into a round cake, into the pot, pan fried dough; this drill a look that is 5, while a fried pancake; The edge with a spatula to shoot, the dough, dough after a circle over 6, a pot of oil dry, add a little oil in the fire to fry, with a spatula, pressure, take over, after both sides golden Sheng, are all fried dough, the surface can be 2 fried bread 7 the cake, covered with the amount of black sesame walnut powder, roll up, cut, hot food, crispy skin, soft inside; black sesame walnut powder is sweet, like sweet can add sugar; tips: 1, fried bread must fire, don’t breathe too much oil, oil 2 fried bread will when inflated, to use the spatula not stop beating, pressing, along with over 3, be sure to eat hot, sticky food not to eat a;相关的主题文章: