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Your iPhone  7 has been on the road   ages iPhone who do you love? –IT– original title: Cook’s kidney who you love is on the way the 7 iPhone? As a fruit powder, every product Apple will be the first time to start? The mobile phone as a necessary tool in our daily life, the apple iPhone for our attraction may be greater than other products, and recently the official Apple had confirmed the new fall conference will be held in the United States in the United States on September 7th, said no Joe closer iPhone less "apple taste", but Apple fans still will habitually took out his wallet ready. The 2015 iPhone family portrait (from Baidu) with Cook’s iPhone 7 debut, the Internet broke the news more and more, as to how the truth we can only wait for the answer to be announced the release, but if the truth of the rumors of 32GB double the memory price change is very good, but still as exposure in appearance below, the baby will not happy (three years of design has not changed is a kind of sad how monotonous). If iPhone 7 really do you still love? Look back at the past, since 2007 the first generation iPhone mobile phone has been 9 years, excluding 2011 Jonny Cook deathbed released iPhone 4S, the two leaders led the team developed the four generation of iPhone products, but Joe closer left us 4 iPhone, while Cook brought 8 products and "One More thing", who love you more in these products? Cook and Jobs iPhone who do you prefer? (from qiniudn) in 2007, the first generation iPhone was born in the early 2005 when Apple had to get involved in the mobile phone industry, when apple cooperation with Motorola launched a iTunes mobile phone, Motorola Rockr, but did not cause the market response. In January 2007, two years after the official release of Apple’s own mobile phone products iPhone 2G. IPhone 2G (picture taken from blog) in the configuration but iPhone uses a resolution of 480×320 pixel 3.5 inch screen, equipped with ARM11 processor, built-in 128MB memory and run 4GB 8GB 16GB local storage space, using 2 million pixel camera, support GSM network, but equipped with a system called iPhone Runs OS X "(called iOS 1). Although it looks very backward, but at the time it is very good. In the design of iPhone 2G using a plastic + aluminum dual color body, and the SIM card slot on the top of the fuselage, and the battery can not be disassembled. Touch mode of operation at that time is still very front相关的主题文章: