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Fashionable and affordable have not? These stars also love the winter sweater do [Abstract] when it comes to autumn and winter this year the star with a sweater, you may first think of the distant stars in the big red carpet, the 100 tire wear in autumn and winter, or these stylish, warm and all-match parity brand. What do the big stars like to wear? Recently, the stars in the sweater on this matter are invariably played a parity card. More importantly, the low price does not mean that the quality of compromise, to look at those who are good at Hua Xiaoqian and walk in the forefront of the stars. Olivia PalermoOlivia Palermo is absolutely all star in countless media money champion, she was photographed wearing high street brand, spring 2017 fashion week on the wearing of 100 yuan pants and a Zara to see the show, and even in 3 days. Olivia is very good at making a sweater out of several different shapes, so you think she has a lot of pieces. This turtleneck from Chelsea 28, priced at $139 (about 941 CNY). Two fitting pants dress collocation, hollowed out behind the design also let the basic models of a single product design sense. The sweater is light Khaki winter sweater common color, good and not easily outdated. Kendall Jenner look at Kendall Jenner through the street this Aritzia loose sweater, but not too wide for the use of plain weave, wool cashmere blended fabric has only $195 (about 1320 CNY). Beautiful and beautiful, such "Affordable Chic" (affordable fashion) is the ultimate reason why fashion street photographers love her. Emma Waston has been to independent and healthy image shows Emma Waston don’t love extravagance and waste is reasonable, the life she always dressed simple atmosphere. Her this sweater should be Zady spiral lines and the love of the girl next door. This sweater wool fabrics were from Peru and Argentina, priced at $250 (about 1693 CNY), is not worth? You can buy these downneck: Zara zipper downneck reference price: 215 CNYAritzia downneck reference price: 1188 CNY – V neck sweater: Sexy retro in round face or face Rourou girls can try to choose V neck sweater, white chest decoration will face in the vision, can show the neck shoulder to create a partly hidden and partly visible. If you feel alone wear too cold, take a turtleneck or turtleneck coat inside, retro feel immediately doubled. V sweater with a skirt is also very popular this fall and winter wear. You can buy the sweater collar V: & Other Stories V Gray Collar Shirt reference price: 538 CNYJohn & Jenn by Line V acrylic knitted sweater collar sweater CNY reference price: 1326: an elder brother相关的主题文章: