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The domestic public area locked chaos: privately occupy the bad management of parking – intensified Beijing "is the beginning of Quanzhan area roads, road and then later appropriated, green, green is also accounted for almost the same." Less than a month, the owner Zhang lived in a city southwest of a residential district has seen a "long" out of dozens of locks, "do not get their own car, no place to stop, so Zhang Lan also joined the army of the lock area. Reporters saw in the District, the district to lock the most intensive place, a large parking place installed three locks. The effect of parking parking problems intensified the district around, everywhere is household kangaroo lock." Gansu, Lanzhou, a district resident Mr. Wang complained. This is a residential area located in Chengguan Train Station Road, on the south side of the wall are dozens of parking spaces to occupy the north gate lock; unit, in addition to the door, the rest of the positions are installed on the lock. The parking lot was not enough, kangaroo lock reduces the efficiency in the use of parking spaces, further exacerbating the problem of insufficient parking spaces." Mr. Wang said, most vehicles are spare, so the day residential parking lot is idle, but after loading the lock, these idle parking spaces can not stop the car. In addition to the area inside, some people crowded public places has become a private lock up the object. See the reporter visited Lanzhou City, many businesses have set up a busy road to lock or Jinting cones". In Lanzhou, a ring, said the child in the street, a small supermarket even with iron fence to the door of the parking spaces up. The person in charge of the small supermarket Lee admitted that the installation of iron fence is to facilitate their discharge, two is to avoid others stop business". Blocking the fire channel buried security risks, these people are very annoying lock, hinder travel does not say, and some also blocked the fire exits, there are serious security risks." Live the road Hubei street, a district of Wuhan City, the house of Uncle annoyed, "considering their own convenient parking, do not think of the elderly and children easily stumble at night." Not long ago, the elderly have a sick first aid, an ambulance to the cell door was blocked by students." Zhang Lan told reporters, she’s more worried about is that the fire exits were locked blocked, in case of the fire district? In addition, in the Wuchang District of Wuhan City, some non trunk Street Hotel, business door, businesses in order to guest parking on the roadside ditch, have herringbone with iron shelf to build some gentle slope, avoiding the road to the vehicle chassis to cut teeth. Wuchang District Management Committee staff, this is actually a disguised encroachment of public areas". It is understood that the slope is generally located in the two or three herringbone Ditch Road, especially some food stores concentrated in the road. Herringbone ditch slope, whether cement stack or iron triangle ramp, a long time easy accumulation of sediment, in the course of time will affect the road drainage. Rely on the inadequate supervision services have to keep up in a district of Lanzhou City, the property company has been focused on the removal of household kangaroo lock, but under the parking pressure, residential living相关的主题文章: