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SAIC GM three brand new hybrid models will be the year listed – Beijing, Beijing, August 26, SAIC GM announced 25 three brand new hybrid cars — the Cadillac CT6 PHEV plug-in hybrid type, a new generation of Buick Lacrosse hybrid and Chevrolet Mai Rui Bao XL the hybrid will be on the market within the year. The three models of various brands of new products based on the main platform to build, this is the SAIC automotive actively carry out energy-saving emission reduction commitments, the full implementation of the electrification of the strategic initiatives, also marks the company in the new energy technology, product spectrum and market layout, began a new round of leading force. Cadillac CT6 PHEV plug-in hybrid application of high performance drive plug-in hybrid system overall layout of the new energy market to create EVness electric driving experience to meet the diverse needs of all the time, SAIC GM actively explore new energy technology and product development, is the new energy market pioneer. From 2008 the introduction of the first domestic production of advanced hybrid vehicles — Buick Lacrosse hybrid car, Cadillac Hybrid Escalade dual-mode hybrid full-size luxury SUV, lacrosse eAssist hybrid, Chevrolet Volt extended range electric vehicle, the sail of pure electric vehicles, after years of accumulation, SAIC GM of domestic new energy market and consumers demand has in-depth grasp and understanding of the full range, and has formed the most complete domestic new energy technology and product layout. In addition, as SAIC automotive design center, the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center after more than and 10 years of unremitting practice, has formed a complete vehicle design and development capabilities, and constantly expand to the field of new energy vehicles. The latest generation of hybrid drive system is GM global drive system development experience and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center used for Chinese consumer insight and understanding the perfect integration of development based on the results of. With the latest generation of hybrid products, SAIC GM to bring industry-leading EVness electric driving experience "to China consumers: Electrical Technology Based on GM’s global leader, adhering to intelligent electrification (Electrification), high (Efficiency), energy (Economy), (Environment) the development of the concept of environmental protection comprehensive consideration, energy saving and environmental protection (Effectiveness), driving fun (Responsiveness) and (Smoothness) three aspects of safety and comfort performance, the market for new energy products breakthrough inherent knowledge and bring new electric driving beyond the traditional models of the experience for consumers, and to cover the intelligent start stop, weak mixing, mixing, strong mixing, plug-in hybrid, electric, electric and other programs increase all types of new energy technologies and models, to meet the diverse needs of consumers Chinese. Buick new LaCrosse 30H hybrid appearance of SAIC automotive industry leading GM introduced a new generation of new energy technology, including Cadillac CT6 PH.相关的主题文章: