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The joint meeting held in Thailand in 2016, Confucius – International – August 31 Khon Kaen Xinhua (Reporter Yu Yi Chun) two days of "2016 Thailand Confucius Confucius school class meeting" at the opening of the Confucius Institute in Thailand, Khon Kaen University, 30. The conference was organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters Hanban, Khon Kaen University, Thailand Institute of. From Thailand 14 Confucius and 11 Confucius class about 50 in Thailand, the president or the responsible person to attend the meeting. The joint meeting aims to summarize and share the successful experience, in-depth analysis at the same time facing Confucius college and the Confucius class of problems and challenges, and suggestions for the Confucius Institute in Thailand and the Confucius class long-term sustainable development suggestions. In the two day of the meeting, Confucius Institute and the head of the class in the classroom will be discussed in relation to the relevant topics of the group on the. Thailand Confucius Institute and the size of the students in the classroom in the first place in the world of Confucius. 30 am, Confucius Institute and how to cooperate with Chinese institutions to become one of the hot topics discussed. Funded enterprises in Thailand on behalf of Confucius college, Dean and Thailand have expressed to enhance bilateral cooperation level and depth of desire. Vice president of the Thailand General Chamber of Commerce Tan Denghua said China enterprise, Thailand enterprise culture differences, and the Confucius Institute in China culture dissemination efforts, the Thai employees of Chinese enterprises in the invisible benefit; at the same time, Confucius has become the incubator of Chinese funded enterprises to transport personnel. He suggested that the future of Chinese enterprises can build a recruitment platform with the Confucius Institute for the export of the students of the College of Confucius, but also for Chinese enterprises to attract talent, so as to promote the sustainable development of the Institute of the. Confucius, President of the Khon Kaen University,, Chinese Academy of Sciences to share in the case of institutional cooperation. He mentioned that Confucius College of Khon Kaen University has successfully launched the high iron training class, is being carried out in Thailand employee training, the effort to build the Confucius School of China kitchen project will also be completed. Among them, the high iron training class relates to Confucius college, Career Academy Chinese domestic railway and Chinese funded enterprises three, stage of study of the students will have the opportunity to Chinese or Thailand funded enterprises in practice, the training class for Thailand occupation education cooperation between the two countries opened a good start. He also mentioned at the meeting, the Chinese kitchen project is not a separate kitchen, but to allow students to complete the preliminary theoretical courses, experience Chinese food culture. "Communication culture is our specialty, but we are not good at cooking." Wang Guibin would like to invite in the Thai Chinese catering agency experts or chef students to live show. It is reported that the Confucius Institute will also focus on how the systematic training of local teachers, alumni association to establish progress, how to improve the quality of Chinese teaching and expand the scale of Chinese language and other topics to discuss research. Confucius class group mainly focuses on how to go out of the campus development and utilization of local resources, how to realize the characteristics of the development of the Confucius class alumni association construction, how to improve the quality of Chinese teaching in primary and secondary schools in Thailand play a role in a variety of classroom activities, theme of discussion. Li Minggang, vice president of Khon Kaen University, Consul General of the Chinese Consulate General in Khon Kaen, chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in Thailand, and Chinese Embassy in Thailand相关的主题文章: