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The 6 common misconceptions of milk powder – Sohu maternal and child from the surface, breastfeeding seems to be much more trouble than brewing milk powder. To ensure their mothers diet, but regardless of time and place for your baby, and to stand up milk and nipple broken pain, while making milk for the baby seems to be a lot easier. In fact, the artificial feeding is also a very troublesome thing, the concentration of flushing, flushing water quality, water temperature and so on have strict requirements, if not pay attention to the impact of the baby on a large. Correct milk powder is very important for the baby, especially the following 6 mistakes do not commit! Error 1: the milk is too thin or too thick milk diluted with too much water would cause the baby weight growth is slow, serious will also cause the baby slim; but too little water can let the baby too much intake of calories, protein and minerals, add the burden for your baby’s digestive system, but also caused serious hypernatremia, digestive disorders, obesity, etc.. Error 2: when to shake the bottle for powdered milk in the milk shake violently, will generate a number of bubbles, if the baby drink a lot of gas, it is easy to make the baby spits and abdominal distension. So this new mother should make milk: hands grip the bottle, let the bottle rolling back and forth, so as to make the milk fully dissolved, will not produce bubbles! Error 3: add the milk after water before adding milk after adding water, will cause the milk is too thick, it increased the baby’s digestion pressure, causing indigestion, dry stool, will cause the baby necrotic and hemorrhagic enteritis was serious. So, this new mother should make milk: quantitative 40 DEG to 60 DEG C temperature boiling water poured into the bottle, then add milk, the best prepared to eat. Error 4: the use of mineral water or pure water washed milk mineral water which has a very rich mineral, but too much phosphate, calcium phosphate. At this time, the intestinal function of the baby is still in development, has been using mineral water milk powder will make the baby indigestion symptoms of constipation. Pure water lost the mineral elements of ordinary tap water, and the absorption rate of calcium from the water can be more than 90%, so it is best to use boiled tap water. Error 5: boil milk powder with water temperature is too high, the first will make milk powder in the whey protein to produce clots, is not conducive to digestion and absorption of the baby. Second, some of the heat unstable vitamins will be damaged, in particular, will cause some milk powder added to the immune active substances will lose its role. So, it is best to use milk powder 40~50 degrees warm water. Error 6: a good tune of the milk powder has been boiling again if the milk is boiling again, it will result in protein, vitamins and other nutrients in the structure of the changes, so that milk has become no nutrition. Mom and dad to the baby milk powder must pay attention to, do not commit the above 6 small errors oh. In order to get more information about parenting, parenting and interactive awards, please visit the baby zone website相关的主题文章: