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Web-Design Isn’t a unique website design automatically a custom website design, and vice-versa? It seems obvious that they would be, but in my experience, just because a website is custom-built doesn’t mean it is unique, and the reverse rule also applies. Naturally, we all want our website to be both unique and custom (and affordable doesn’t hurt as well), so the key is to analyze what your web designer offers to make sure that you are getting the perfect website for you, a unique custom website that does exactly what your business needs it to do. A unique website, on its own, is simply a website that isn’t just like another site. It needs something that sets it apart from all the other sites on the web. It doesn’t need to break new ground in the world of website design, and really, there isn’t much new ground that remains to be broken, unless you want to shatter the very ground your website stands on. Fact is that there are certain basics of website design that have been proven to work, and ignoring them just for the sake of standing out is folly for a business website. You don’t want your entire site to take up a 250 by 250 pixel square amidst a sea of white. Sure, it’s unique, but not in a useful way. A website is a tool, and the best tools are those that can most efficiently ac.plish the tasks assigned to them, not the ones that look the strangest. That in mind, if your tool can do things just as well as all the others, or even better, why not also make it stand out from the crowd if doing so won’t inhibit its function any? That’s the goal of the unique website design; standing out from the crowd without hampering functionality. A custom website, on the other hand, is designed specifically for you and your business. This doesn’t make it unique. A simple black text on white background informational site with buttons across the top and a logo in the upper-left corner isn’t by any stretch of the imagination unique, but it might be just fine for your business. The great thing about a custom website design is not only that it does the jobs you need it to do, but that it can actually be more affordable than a less customized but still unique website. So in the end – what, you need more elaboration on that point? How can custom actually be more affordable than non-custom? Well, look at it this way. A custom website design is best when it springs from a custom web design package. That is, a package designed and priced specifically for the website that is being custom built. On the other hand, a non-custom package is likely to include a lot of features that you don’t actually need. It’s always better, in my opinion and experience, to work with your website designer to get the package and the price that is perfect for you, rather than having to buy a pre-designed package that requires you pay for three features you don’t need to get the one you want. So in the end, if you’re looking to get a website created, I’d advise to begin your efforts searching for a unique, custom website design that also happens to be affordable. Getting what you need for the best possible price, and looking good while you’re doing it, is always better than spending extra cash to mimic what’s already been done. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: