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Software Many marketers and business owners who do not use automated B2B lead generation mistakenly believe that anyone would buy an automated phone call or voice broadcast. The truth is that many do. Think about it. The Democratic and Republican parties using voice broadcasting to generate votes. If not working, do not have much money to invest in other forms of advertising. Voice broadcasting works for B2B lead generation and will work for you. What are the typical results? The results are about what you would expect from direct mail that is linked traditionally around 1% response. Voice broadcasting is designed to sort through many angles to find the few who are motivated to act today. For example, if you are marketing services .puter backup, in 1,000 .panies that call, some will have had an accident or a hair recently and was interested when you call. These are the leads that you are seeking and voice broadcasting is the best way to find them. How Does Voice Broadcasting Log on to an online account and record the message you want to convey. You key when you want the calls to start and stop and load a list of phone numbers. You can get the numbers to call the utility .pany or from other sources. When selected, calls start .ing out. You can make up to 30,000 calls per hour to B2B prospects with only about 5 minutes to work to establish calls. It saves a lot of time for it to make things more profitable with your day. When .panies hear the message, if interested, press 1 on your telephone and your phone rings. Only talk with interested .panies. There are always .panies to call and deal with rejection. Script Example Naturally, a good script for your product or service will need to be customized. The idea is to increase the apparent interest therefore is not necessary to call. If you sold web page designs, for example, the script for plumbers could be something like: Hi, I’m Carl. As a plumbing .pany, you know how important it is to get potential customers and internet businesses. We can help. We specialize in websites that generate business for plumbing and heating .panies. If you want a website that sells, discover how little it costs to get leads and sales on the web. Press "1", now talk to me or press 9 and I will not call again. Typical Costs Voice broadcasting to generate B2B leads is very cheap. Most .panies charge around $ 15.00 to reach 1,000 potential customers. There is no faster, easier and less expensive to generate B2B leads that voice transmission. Use technology to generate leads you need using voice broadcasting for B2B lead generation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: