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Business To effectively understand why it is important to invest in a good rackmount server to place in colocation data centres, you have to understand the two .puting concepts involved. The first concept that you need to understand is co-location. Colocation essentially is a business practice where .puter equipment is housed in one roof. In the same manner, delivery of third-party services for .puter servers also falls under the definition of server colocation. So essentially colocation or sometimes known as colo also involves the putting up of .puters to allow for the delivery of contents to the Internet. In the colo process a provider identifies a dedicated facility where it is possible to host several Internet connections. The function of the data center is to deliver colocation related services like ensuring continued reliable performance of the .puter server by delivering continuous cooling and power supply. There are various packages that apply for server colocation services but most depend on the number of cages that is subscribed to. The rackmount server is installed in the cabinet space by the colo provider while the customer takes care of the hardware and software maintenance duties. A customer usually incurs separate charges for the use of the cage and for the Ethernet based Internet connection. The second concept you must understand when it .es to tackling why it is important to invest in a good rackmount server for colocation is to understand what a rackmount server is. Basically, when you talk about rackmount servers, you talk about a .puter that is installed in special cases rather than the conventional desktop tower you are used to. The standard size for a server colocation case is 19 inches. The casing of the rackmount server is designed with mounting holes for secured installation. The stacking strategy of colocation is meant to make use of all spaces in the facility. Without the mounting holes the server in colocation may be susceptible to physical damage. So investment in quality rackmount server is important to ensure that delivery of Internet and other data services to your business will not be interrupted. The process of server colocation is a step towards upgrading your business .puterization operation. Since the location is outside your area of operation, investment in a good rackmount server will also minimize the maintenance needs for both your remote hardware and software properties. High quality rackmount servers can withstand the stacking operation involved in colocation. High quality rackmount server casings are usually made from materials that can withstand stacking pressures as well as maintain optimum operational temperature. The importance of investing on a good rackmount server for colocation emphasizes the value of your business assets. You must remember that information is a business asset and losing it can be to lost profit opportunities. The importance of investing on a good rackmount server for colocation is that you are .mitting to the process of .puterization as a means of boosting your business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: