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Home-and-Family Many people believe that it is better, cheaper and easier to clean their own carpets as opposed to hiring a professional carpet cleaner to do the job. These are understandable concerns, particularly in the economic climate. Most people want their carpets cleaned to the best they can be within their budget. So, which do we think is better in these circumstances, DIY or professional? Although it is not impossible for someone to clean a carpet by themselves, it is very difficult and could end up causing more of a problem than you had to begin with. First of all to effectively clean your carpet you would need to hire a machine which could be just as costly as hiring the service. Secondly, you need to be fully aware of which cleaning solutions are suitable for use on your carpet. Third, you need to have to time and patience to carry out the cleaning yourself. A professional carpet cleaning service is obviously the more likely of the two to deliver the best cleaning results. This is because the cleaning agent knows exactly what they are doing but also because the equipment is far more powerful. Steam cleaners use equipment known as a hot water extraction machine which pumps cleaning liquids into the carpet and extracts them at extremely high pressures along with all the contaminants. It is also quite likely that the professional cleaner will apply a pre-treatment to your carpet and a thorough rinse and rake after the clean. All these steps combined will provide the carpet owner with the best carpet cleaning possible. Although professional carpet cleaning might seem like an unnecessary expense it really could save you money in the long run. By having your carpets treated by the experts around every 12 months (more or less frequently depending on the traffic) you could add years onto the life of your carpet. This means that you wont have to replace your carpet as often and have the expense of buying a new one. DIY carpet cleaning methods could be costly as you could end up making a mistake and causing more damage. It is always recommended that you contact a professional cleaning service for regular cleans and stain removal. The cost of a professional clean will seem like a bargain when you consider the number of years it could add on to your carpet. Contact a professional carpet cleaning company for a quote before they carry out any work. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: