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VOIP Most of us can benefit from the use of new technologies that facilitate conferencing and other means of collaborating and .municating. There has not been a more ideal time to leverage new technologies to advance increase your productivity. The following suggestions are just a handful of re.mendations. Use a free conference call application In the last three years, there has been more virtual coordination between geographically diverse organizations. Technology is a large part of the motivation. But equally important is the availability of free conference call numbers from teleconferencing start-ups such as Rondee.. and they operate on a similar central method. They give you a PIN and a number to call. If all conference call users dial the same toll number and enter the same PIN code, they are placed into the call. Use an automated electronic platform It wasn’t that long in the past that sending out an email newsletter was time consuming and tricky. That has now changed. On-line services are making it feasible to create scalable newsletters. These services slash the work load by as much as 80% and in so doing enable you to focus on content creation rather than content delivery. Augment your online network The most advanced advocacy organizations create networks of supporters who buttress their values and goals. While the word networking often gets an undesirable reputation, the simple reality is that these networks can provide substantial help to organic advocacy organizations. Today in the Bay Area, the expectation is that professional folks will have at least a rudimentary profile on these services. Keep focused The most effective managers are ones that stay tightly focused on their mission and do not get sidetracked by peripheral goals. Most folks operate under significant resource limitations. Addressing three goals with 100% effort will generally yield superior results .pared to tackling six goals at 50% effort. Learn to lobby Many folks believe that lobbying is the province of political types. While that may be true in some situations, many successful managers have developed a tremendous advantage through succeeding in the art of lobbying. Whether to secure necessary reforms in public policies that affect your .munity or the backing of public figures, lobbying can be an effective means to ac.plish your goals. Use data based decision-making One of the key trends recently has been the escalating reliance on evidence driven decision-making. Leaders can apply the same practices with simple to use Excel or Lotus spread sheet applications to ascertain what works and what does not work. Increasingly, the hurdle for quality decision-making is rising and therefore reliance on conjecture and theory is being replaced by empirical data to justify processes. Desktop sharing Some managers have distributed leadership groups, and it is difficult to have in person meetings. Technology is solving this problem by way of desktop sharing. Whether it’s viewing a PowerPoint document displaying the group’s initiatives or a spreadsheet showing the performance, desktop sharing can be extremely helpful. And these systems operate quite well in conjunction with free teleconferencing services . About the Author: Best Offers For Hosted Pbx & Voip Systems Benefits Of Pogo Security In Orlando By: sinuse – PBX & VOIP Systems Orlando- With its efficient call forwarding feature, calls to main business numbers can be forwarded to your alternate phone numbers including residential landlines and cell phones. 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