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Finance The soaring prices of gold are expected to give oil prices a beating. Gold jewellery that is broken or outdated also has quite a good value in the market. This is because of the fact that the gold content determines the price of the piece. This implies that you can even sell used gold . During the time gold prices are high, one can make a significant amount of money by selling a piece of gold jewellery. You need to determine the piece of gold jewellery that should be sold intact and one that can be traded off as scrap gold. Antique pieces of jewellery are likely to fetch you high returns and thus has a proper resale value. Even jewellery with precious and semi-precious stones engraved on it has quite a substantial value in the market. When it comes to a simple piece of jewellery, it is treated as scrap gold that is sold off to a refiner. You need to weigh the gold jewellery that you intend to sell off. For this purpose, you need to weigh it on a jewellery scale. You can also take the piece to a jeweller and determine its worth. An ounce of gold is equivalent to 28.35 grams. This scale of conversion is frequently used by jewellers. You need to figure out the precise amount of gold content in a particular piece of jewellery, as you would be paid for the actual gold content. This is in view of the fact that gold is often mixed with a metal in order to make it hard enough. Thus in a piece of jewellery that contains 10 karat gold, the actual gold content is about 40%. A 14-karat gold piece is a little over 50% gold. This way you can estimate the gold content in the piece of jewellery that you intend to sell off. You need to conduct an extensive market research before you decide to sell used gold, especially the current market price of gold. This is necessary as the price of gold keeps on fluctuating. You can acquire information about the spot price of gold through financial sites and even the newspaper. This is also important in view of the fact that you get the right value for your gold. There are number of e-commerce websites and you can therefore sell jewellery online . It is recommended that you sell your finer used jewellery in order to get the maximum monetary returns out of it. It might a bit difficult to sell used jewellery online considering the fact that people prefer buying family heirlooms or used jewellery from people they know. If you own a piece of jewellery, that you think would not fetch you a profitable deal, you can sell it off to a gold refiner. The refiner will pay you the amount based on the amount of gold content. You should only decide to sell it off only when you are sure of the fact that you are paid the right value for your gold. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: