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Arts-and-Entertainment Metal wine racks are implemented and structured for the display and storage of unopened wine bottles, and .e in a variety of style and functions. These racks can sit on the floor, hang from the ceiling, revolve or remain stationary, sit on the table-top as centerpieces, or be situated on the wall as shelving or cabinet storage. Metal wine racks serve as ornamental features as well as convenient beverage holders. Some examples of floor metal wine racks are the square eight-corner wine rack, the wine tree with ten-bottle branches, and the festival wine rack. The first can be positioned anywhere in the house and features potted plants, figurines, pedestal candles, dried flowers, or even hold towels in the kitchen or bathroom. The ten spiral branches of the Wine Tree, on the other hand, add flare to any place. Its wooden stand allows for placement on shelves, countertops, or tables. Alternatively, the Festival Rack boasts convenience. This particular metal wine rack can be disassembled and placed on or between lawn chairs or situated in the sand. It even holds wine glasses along with the wine bottle. The hanging metal wine racks have several purposes. The Hanging Six-Bottle Wine Rack has an optional stem to ac.modate an extra two bottles and decorative spirals. This can be situated over countertops, bars, or tables, and is installed with little or no effort whatsoever. The Hanging Eclectic Eight-Bottle Metal Wine Rack has an erratic design that adds flash to the place, and .es with an eighteen-inch black chain. No two of this kind of rack are made the same, so each one is one-of-a-kind! Revolving metal wine racks can be designed to run from floor to ceiling, serve as a room divider, and can hold up to forty bottles. These metal wine racks can be supported at the top, at the bottom, or both, and can be placed in the corner, against the wall, or wherever. Their revolving function provides convenience and the visual stimulation of a Christmas tree. It therefore serves dual-function-wine storage and movable dcor! Table-top metal wine racks are available in single-, double-, triple-, and quad-bottle ac.modation. The Breather Wine Rack is situated at a tilt to allow uncorked wine to breath (hence the name), and allows a nice display. Neck Spiraled Metal Wine Racks-for single- and double-bottle ac.modations-serve as splendid centerpieces. Wall and cabinet metal wine racks .e in Slanted Wall Mounts and Under-Cabinet Mounts, correspondingly. The former are assembled for sheetrock walls and have no studs, and are accessible in three-, four-, five-, and six-bottle ac.modations. The latter can be turned and hung on wall or under cabinets, out of the way. These metal wine racks provide three functions: wine storage, visual dcor, and open work space facilitation! Metal wine racks .e in an endless array of possibilities, based on personal preference and requirement. The stylish and sturdy construction of the metal wine racks allow years of use and enjoyment. Wine lovers find these appealing and fairly priced regardless of the choice of rack. Metal wine racks can benefit any house and wine storage facility. Visit our site today for suggestions on great wine racks. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: