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Business Dustin Hudgeons is a businessman and owner of several businesses. He enjoys his working career, helping his .munity, and staying active. In both his professional and private life, Dustin Hudgeons thought it benefited him to join associations closely related to his interests. For working professionals, associations are very important. Dustin Hudgeons helps us to understand. "In the world of business, having a network and being known within the .munity are very important factors for survival. One of the main benefits to belonging to one or more associations include the ‘stamp of approval’ your business receives and the networking benefits gained through association membership," explains Dustin Hudgeons . He himself is a member of the Texas Tech Marketing Associations, where in 2008, he was named Most Outstanding Member. Associations can exist at many different levels. Some associations are local, regional, statewide, or nationally recognized. As a member of the Texas Tech Marketing Association, Dustin Hudgeons benefits from the organization’s networking capabilities. Many association memberships also mean that members must adhere to certain standards of business practice including honesty and integrity. For students aspiring to grow a professional career, be.ing affiliated with an organization means being career ready and having an in-depth understanding of the importance of professional networking. Texas Tech Marketing Association is a student association, making Dustin Hudgeons aware of its benefits for young professionals. Associations also increase a knowledge base. Besides networking, many associations provide access to important industry related resources. Dustin Hudgeons knew as an associate member he would benefit from the association’s .munity works and scheduled events. As the association performs public relations, and has a global supply chain management group and sports marketing group, Dustin Hudgeons knew there were many skills he could learn through his membership. These are the resources aspiring business students or business professionals can attain through student and professional business associations. For more on the benefits of association membership, Dustin Hudgeons invites you to read from the following sources: About the Author: 相关的主题文章: