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Health The literary meaning of feng shui is wind and water. Sometimes this ancient Chinese system of art is also called as the Chinese art of geomancy, earth measuring. Intangible energy is known as chi that surrounds the meaning and application. Designing the building from exterior as well as interior in accordance with traditional Chinese art called feng shui that depends entirely on two fundamentals that are entirely based on two universal law of nature. 1.Yin and Yang 2.Interrelationship among Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. The best thing about this lovely Chinese art is the atmosphere it provides. Its main goal is to fill up the empty spaces in an appropriate manner so that the people living in the building get all beneficial and positive energy that protects them from negativity and harmful energies. Humans or spirits may reside in the dwelling space thus Chinese use this ancient system to locate and design tombs, houses, buildings as well as other structures. It is very difficult to understand the principals of wind and water and so is the principles of Chinese ancient art i.e. feng shui. First of all you must know the bonding between wind, water and land that always surrounds a structure you are concentrating. In china the practicing scholars suggests that there should be a little bit of southern exposure. In the back of the structure hill or other natural feature should be present and in corner front there should be a water source. Remember that the water source should not be exactly in the front but in the front corners where the water should flow towards. The believers as well as practitioners of this fabulous art dedicate themselves in preparing a structure with perfect analysis of both interiors and exteriors. Analysis is done with help of a compass that is entirely based on the traditional Chinese ideas. If, there occurs a problem then remedies are also there to overcome the problem. It is said that if you place a mirror at a specific spot, only then it can help you fight with the ill effects of the negative energy. To understand the human spirits it is important to experience feng shui. Yin and yang and chi together help in establishing the patterns or methods of positioning the graves, furniture and structures. This ancient art of china is recognized all over the world. The two universal law of the universe namely yin and yang and the five elements of universe are very important to understand, if you really wish to understand this Chinese art. Yin and yang is simple and at the same time it is complex also. The basis of Chinese horoscope, acupuncture, medicine and Chinese vastu shastra is yin and yang. If you are unfamiliar with yin and yang terms then it would be impossible for you to understand the actual foundation of life. Yin represents the black portion that signifies female side and represents weakness, depression, gloomy, frozen and so on. Whereas, Yang represent the white portion that is significant of the male side. The white portion represents happiness, cheerfulness, light and strength. In the yin you will see a white circle and in yang you will find the black circle to make you understand that neither is complete without the presence of other. From researches it was found that because of imbalance in yin and yang as well as the five elements illness is caused. Together both help in improving the lives of the living things. In simple we can say that this ancient Chinese art when concentrates on home helps in wining challenges like study and legal matters, brings harmony, generates great relationship, improves health, wealth and prosperity, boosts individuals careers, create a good surrounding atmosphere and bring happiness in life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: