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Interior-Decorating Folding chairs are simple and efficient in both design and space saving. Hardly any office, home, or school is without the use of one of these remarkably durable seating ideas. From the patio, to the garden, and from a funeral to a graduation, these chairs are easily brought out from storage and put in place to ac.modate seating arrangements for most any function or gathering. Should you go out shopping for the right chair for whatever use you may have for one, then you will quickly see that the amount of choices available can be a bit overwhelming. So many different materials are used to make them, and they have so many designs, that it really makes for a tough choice. Some feature cushions, some are plain, some have padding, some just cloth, and some are metal, wood, plastic, or any number of other materials. They .e adorned with many different types of fabric, and in all colors. Some have a round back, while others are squared. Some are made of just wood instead of the metal and plastic. This could be Black Wood, or Mahogany, or Natural Wood, as well as many others. There seems to be no end to the fabrics and materials used to make these useful chairs. For schools and offices that frequently hold events where the services of these chairs indeed is needed, they can find racks on wheels for easy storage and easy moving. These also .e in various sizes, but the average should hold from 35 to around 50. Some of the racks are for stacking the chairs in, while others may .e in a type that requires hanging the chairs. These are called chair caddies. For temporary seating these chairs are give great service. Funerals and graduations are two good examples. Another fine feature these chairs have is that they are lightweight. On average they may weigh, depending on what they are made of, and what type they are, anywhere from five up to ten pounds. This type of chair is not a new concept. They date back as far as the ancient Romans, the Greeks, and the Egyptians. The very first one made of aluminum with a fabric strapping for its back and seat, was designed by Fredric Arnold in 1947, who later started a .pany and ten years later was cranking out 14,000 chairs a day. I believe we can all sit and imagine the old directing chair used by directors behind the scenes of movie sets. We all know that scene, where he belts out instructions from his little fold out chair through a big megaphone. Those chairs were of a very simple design, but in the stores today you find a much more sophisticated choice of chairs. They are made with elegance and beauty for brightening up patios and gardens and public affairs. Yes, folding chairs are inspired efficiency and a convenience we have enjoyed for many years. They have been giving us good service, and artistic accents, that we really should appreciate. They are a long lasting credit to how a simple idea can really change the way we do things, and can last for many many years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: