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UnCategorized Camping mats serve two main functions; it provides cushioning and insulation. One other function is that they protect you from ground insects. .bined with a tent and sleeping bag, the camping mat can keep you warm and .fortable at night. However, the camping mat is what most beginners tend to overlook. It’s a necessary part of your camping gear because the insulation on the bottom side of your sleeping bag is useless since the weight of your body .presses the fill. Camping on Campsites When weight is not an issue and you want maximum .fort at camp, go for air mattresses. They .e in a variety of shapes, color, and sizes and durability. The air mattress travels in a .pact bag and .es with a rechargeable pump. The pump should be charged at home you can plug it into your car cigarette power outlet. You usually run the pump cordless inside your tent and the mattress will fully inflate in about sixty seconds. Some air beds can fit standard sized sheets just like at home. Once you’re done with it you simply lift open the air release valve, wait for it to deflate, roll it up and put it back into the .pact bag. If the number one choice for car camping, base camping or backyard camping. This type of camping mattress is not very popular with backpackers because they’re too heavy, bulky and there’s a high risk of punctures and rips especially on rocky terrain. Backpacking If you still want .fort on a backpacking trip then you should choose a self-inflating pad. It has a foam core encased in an airtight nylon. There’s an air valve that when opened, partly inflates the pad by letting air flow in. If you want more air to fill in the pad, simply blow into the valve. When you have the desired amount of air inside the pad, close the valve. When you’re done with it, open the valve and simply roll it down to a nice small size. You .press the air out of the pad as you roll it. Another option is to go for foam pads. Foam pads are the lightest option for a camping mattress and they provide good insulation against the cold ground. There are two different types of foam pads. Closed cell foam are the warmest and lightest and won’t absorb water. The problem with close cell foam pads is that they don’t provide much cushioning and can be quite bulky. Open cell foam pads are much bulkier but they provide better cushioning than closed cell pads. Another problem with closed cell pads is that they absorb water. Some foam pads are a .bination of open cell and closed cell pads but they’re quite bulky and absorb water. They have the advantage of the two types of foam pads as well as the disadvantages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: