63 telecommunications network fraud suspects from Kampuchea was escorted home in Beijing cancam

63 telecommunications network fraud suspects were escorted home from Kampuchea Beijing, Beijing, September 20, according to the Ministry of public security news website, 20, 20 pm, 63 telecommunications network fraud suspects (50 people, 13 people, Taiwan) was Chinese escorted home from Kampuchea public security organs. Recently, the Kampuchea immigration administration according to the relevant clues to Cambodia Ministry of public security working group to provide, in the capital Phnom Penh destroyed a telecommunications network fraud dens, arrested 63 suspects (50 people, 13 people, Taiwan), and seized a telephone, computer, voice gateway, walkie talkie, play a number of tools of crime of fraud. We informed the relevant Cambodia upcoming case. After preliminary investigation, the gang posing as public security organs, wantonly to call Chinese mainland residents to implement telecommunications network fraud, the specific number of cases and the amount involved is under further verification. Because the victim is people from the mainland, and in the case of gang crime, in order to facilitate the whole case investigation, recover the stolen money, punish crime, and earnestly safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the victim, the 63 suspects were all back to Chinese, according to the law, the Ministry of public security, assigned to the Nanjing city of Jiangsu Province Public Security Bureau is responsible for case investigation. According to the consensus reached in the negotiations between the two sides, is conducive to the fight against crime, is conducive to the protection of the interests of victims, conducive to the realization of justice, public security organs, through the cross straits cooperation in combating crimes of the information channel, taiwan. It is understood that since November last year, Ministry of public security to carry out the management of telecommunication network against new illegal crime special action, the Ministry of public security has organized 17 working groups to Kenya, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Laos, Indonesia and other places to carry out police cooperation, destroyed a total of foreign telecommunications network fraud dens 65, captured 1168 suspects (including Taiwan 347 residents), solved more than 3300 cases, involving 710 million yuan. In particular, Taiwan suspects from Kenya, Malaysia, Kampuchea and other countries back to China in accordance with the law, for the effective containment of telecommunications network fraud is of great significance. The Ministry of public security official said that the telecommunications network fraud crime of serious violations of the people and property safety, has become a social nuisance, the masses hate. Public security organs will be on the party and the people highly responsible spirit, to trace the source, heavy blow, to strengthen overseas law enforcement cooperation, and always maintain the telecommunications network fraud crackdown high pressure situation, and resolutely put terrorists brazenness, and effectively protect people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests.相关的主题文章: