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7 year old noon clear road "fangs" friends like grandpa Niu positive energy! Longyan 7 year old enthusiastic noon to clear the road fangs! I don’t have to worry about the tyres! Driving on the road, a woman driver! Two afraid of road rage disorder patients! Three road "fangs"! In the event that this thing is not cold, you may tire of the tire! Recently, the streets of Longyan, the way some deceleration broken screws exposed, looked really startling! Longyan friends of K " Yang Yuanxin " Post said: the day before yesterday just made this street in a row "fangs" picture, today a man to clear, really admire. Although the elderly are not professionals, but the old man has this heart, I really think he is very handsome!!! Comment: @ K friends a little eye Yun the old mans: I know! His family is in the house! The old man just hundreds of thousands of money easily get out! He didn’t do it for life! Really is the old revolutionary sentiment! @ molded in hand: I salute you, grandpa. A life of peace, happiness @ crazy Madman: Grandpa really cattle, body times. Now the young even more love @ turnip greens bad: road deceleration broken screws are exposed, many places are so bad that no one will be installed, replacing @ Buddha bless you: dating, @ 121: for light physical labor like old man! You’ve had a long day. Have a cup of tea: @ uncle as heart, this society is very OK! @ crane rental: knock easier to cut the tire standing round. To cut a tire. @ Qu: give him praise. Some time ago he was riding a motorcycle accidentally this nail into the tire, up two, I really do not know this how spicy it easy bad buffer: @ surname deceleration zone is plastic, easily broken, or to install iron @ sky: should use the crowbar to pull out spike. >相关的主题文章: