After graduating from college graduates apply for network anchor cheated 98 yuan alarm for help jiqingwuyuetian

Female after graduating from University for the network anchor cheated 98 yuan police original title: Women’s network anchor in August 25th for traps around three ten in the afternoon, the Jiulongpo police station received the alarm, the parties said they find part-time cheated a company in Erlang after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene. It is understood that the police Lee is only in June this year, graduated from college students, as a result of the time did not find a suitable job, so she would like to find a part-time job on the internet. At the beginning of August, Li through a web site to find a part-time YY live, after a simple online chat, the other asked her to pay 98 yuan as the cost of training, innocent Mike thought such work is in the bag, then by Alipay to turn the 98 yuan. Unfortunately, it happened, a few days after the other told her training costs are not enough, but also to pay more than and 100 to participate in training fees. Li found that this is wrong, so she refused to pay on the grounds of no money, and asked the other to return 98 yuan. The other told Xiao Li, the money is impossible to retreat. See can not get back their money, Xiao Li will call for help. Police reminder: the current network of part-time fraud common, like online brush credit is also a typical type of fraud. All about looking for part-time or other need to transfer, we must keep a watchful eye, avoid to be deceived.相关的主题文章: