Animals also have privacy Google street view to cattle face marked mosaic winavi

Animals also have privacy? Google street view to cattle face "mosaic" in the Xinhua News Agency this look at the face of the world, the protection of animal privacy seems more and more important. The British "Guardian" reported on 16, the United States Google street last summer in Cambridge to take a photo of the cows in the sword grass along the river, other parts of the cow body are very clear, but the head is automatically blurred, as generally face the same. Broadcasting British Corporation noted that the same cow from the camera a little far away from the photos, there is no similar code processing. The comment on this photo is "the guardian" editor David Shariatmadari first sent to twitter, then was forwarded 9000 times, like over 12 thousand times, many people take Google on dairy cows "special privileges" joked. Google spokesman said: it is clear that some of our automatic face fuzzy technology is too enthusiastic. Of course, we’re not jealous of the cow’s 5 minute popularity." Coincidentally, in May this year, the British police Schmid Lanz also released a "code" sheep pictures. Photo two sheep face is blurred out, another sheep back to the camera, can not see the face. This is the police found 3 sheep in a Ford car, police suspect they had been stolen, so stopped chasing Ford car, and arrested in an attempt to abandon the car and escape the sheep 3. The 3 sheep was later resettled in a pasture.相关的主题文章: