Annual meeting of urban planning in China a lot of short board system of urban planning system

Chinese city planning annual meeting: short board city planning system of many – Beijing Beijing in September 24 Shenyang Xinhua (reporter Shen Diancheng) the theme of "planning 60 years: achievements and challenges of the 2016 China city planning conference, 24 in Liaoning Province, held in Shenyang City, Deputy Minister of housing and urban construction Huang Yan attend the meeting and gave an academic report. Huang Yan pointed out that after the big eighteen, the central city planning reform put forward specific requirements. Now, the city planning reform facing two main tasks: the task of the modernization of national governance capacity — for the establishment of the national spatial planning system; task of transformation of the mode of city development: a livable people as the goal, to change the extensive expansion of planning in order to improve the quality of the connotation of city planning. The reform of urban master planning is the most important work for the establishment of the national spatial planning system. The current outstanding short board city planning system, mainly including: the lack of space planning content of global city, unclear division of powers, rigid constraints, guide the level of transfer is insufficient, lack of public, planning the implementation of the National People’s Congress, higher levels of government supervision path and means, and inefficient, according to the overall planning of direct preparation of detailed planning by the city "fragmentation" etc.. Therefore, the reform of city planning system is very urgent, to supervising the implementation of planning system reform through planning, planning, approval, implementation and docking of national spatial planning system to establish and implement the National City Planning Reform on the specific requirements of the target. In order to achieve the goal of livable people, the extensive expansion of the plan to improve the quality of urban planning, the need to strengthen urban design, promote urban repair. Huang Yan requirements, urban design to play a role in the transformation of urban development mode, at the same time, through urban remediation, ecological restoration, the transformation of urban development model, the transformation of urban governance. Finally, Huang Yan stressed that the need for a clear understanding of the reform plan to achieve change. For the government, city planning, public policy is the management rules; for the public, city planners are technical staff, is a social worker; from the professional point of view, the data can be changed, greatly enhance the scientific planning. The conference is jointly sponsored by the Chinese City Planning Institute and the Shenyang Municipal People’s government, around the "achievement" and "challenge" two words, set up dozens of parallel sessions, the universal concern of the public urban diseases and old industrial base City Renaissance, industrial heritage protection, health and vitality of the city of key city discussion. (end)相关的主题文章: