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Reference-and-Education Children are considered to be fresh minds of the new age. In fact, every new generation succeeds the preceding one in one way or the other. They are innocent juveniles who grow and learn faster than adults. The retention power of them is far better than adults who tend to forget things just like a whim or fancy. Adults cannot be considered lesser than children because they are the bread winners of any family. Children are young and have a tendency of fast learners with time. In only a few cases, it happens that a child is better in a particular field rather than the others. Generalizing the fact weakens the subject; however it all depends on what kind of environment they get and a level of zeal to learn as well. Between children and adults, the latter surely do perform better since they have vast experience and knowledge about the world. An adults way of thinking, reading, understanding and .prehension is way different than the children. A vast difference is always present in the way adults listen, they can be both passive and active according to the situations .ing up, and however children are either active or passive. They dont have the same capabilities as the adults. Any childs abilities develop with time whereas in case of adults they mature from time to time. The debate cannot hold a solid ground as its a .parison between two unequal sides. Children have a good .prehensive skills right from the start but need to be reshaped in order to use them wisely at the correct time. Children must be credited for one fact, i.e. they motivate adults with their actions. For instance, a child gets imbalanced and falls on the ground, though the kid will start crying but still gets up and starts playing over to remain in the game. The motivation behind such an action for an adult is no matter how many times they fail, they should never give up their hope. Many children are cognitive right from their beginning and tend to be far more productive than the adults. In a recent survey, it was found that they have more retention power than the older people. A game of names and places being played, children tend to memorize far more than others. Youngsters are enthusiastic and more prone to information hungry in future. This habit is more like an inborn trait which really helpful for the child further during the learning period. The I.Q. level of child grows gradually and the more it grows, they be.e good memorizers. Children require a correct guide in order to build up their capability to a massive extent. If a .parison between them is to be done, one must agree that children arent just fast learners but also good at .prehension. In some cases, there are children having critical reasoning skills from a very young age, this is a boon to those who are gifted with such a quality because in todays date reasoning is extremely important. Generalizing the idea between adults and children, both have different sets of capabilities and understanding, hence, it will be an injustice to both sides if anyone is belittled. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: