Banda Asia hedge cool and retail data weak dollar yen shot up in early trading mkdv-02

Banda Asia: hedge cool and retail weak dollar yen in early trading data Chonggao clients view the latest market overnight in the Minneapolis Fed President Cash Kari attend an informal discussion that the U.S. job market growth is good, the Fed can not use negative interest rates to boost the economy. Cash Kari believes that the U.S. economy is still a distance away from the economy, the U.S. economy will continue to grow at a moderate pace of 2%. However, the Fed is unlikely to use negative interest rates to boost the economy, because the negative interest rate policy will have a negative impact. Cash Kari also believes that employment growth in the U.S. job market is good, but we do not know the extent of the job market and full employment is not as high as we think. At the same time, Cash Kari pointed out that at present there is no real estate bubble, investors believe that the United States in the near future is the safest place to invest, and interest rate hike is a painful way to suppress the bubble. In addition, according to Reuters said overnight, OPEC informal meeting reached in Algeria petroleum limit oil output agreement, OPEC will limit the total oil output in 32 million 500 thousand barrels a day, this would mean that August oil output dropped more than 700 thousand barrels per day (September OPEC monthly report on the August oil production of 33 million 237 thousand barrels per day)). According to the OPEC representative said, OPEC agreed to limit production in the range of 3250-3300 million barrels a day, and OPEC will set up a commission to determine the size of the country’s production. According to Bloomberg News said, unable to determine whether OPEC will continue in November to make further discussion on production problems. Iran’s oil minister, after an informal meeting in Algeria, said OPEC had reached an agreement after two years of market control. Today, need to pay attention to the data, the German 9 seasonally adjusted unemployment change, eurozone economic sentiment index in September, Germany September CPI annual pace, the United States in September 24th when the week jobless claims, the U.S. real GDP in the second quarter quarter rate, the United States in the second quarter PCE annualized quarter price index rate of final value and the United States in August pending home sales index. The gold dollar gold yesterday shock down, once fell 1320 mark and refresh the 1 week low, the dollar is now trading at around 1324. In addition to Europe and the United States stock market rose market hedging risk aversion to suppress gold, the United States during the period of durable goods orders data released better than expected to also constitute a certain pressure on gold. In addition, time Fed officials Cash Kari’s hawkish remarks and gold ETF positions to reduce constitute the pressure on gold. Today, the focus of support near 1315, above the pressure in the vicinity of 1335. The dollar yen dollar yen yesterday closed up slightly upward, daily. In the period the good performance of the U.S. economic data and Fed officials issued hawkish remarks constitute a strong support for the dollar, OPEC unexpectedly decided to limit production, the market risk aversion to suppress the yen currency hedging is to support the exchange rate go high important factors. Asian city in early trading, risk aversion.相关的主题文章: