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Parenting Parentune, is a proparent .munity empowering parents to do more for their child. Founded by Nitin Pandey with a vision to improve the quality of development for the child.Parentune is undoubtedly the best parenting website for parents who are on the lookout for quality solutions for their children. Parentune focuses on helping parents true to their own context, making parenting a joyful experience thereby reducing parental anxiety.It is guided by the belief that each parent can achieve more for their child given a pro-parenting support. Parentune strives to help each parent achieve better quality of development for his or her child. To bethe best parenting website for parents, Parentune.. avoids generalised prescriptions, instead helps parents with quick & easy to use, parent-focused widgets & sections relevant to their specific parenting need. Parentune..has interesting and exciting tools & applications, which are specific, relevant & useful for parents, also validated by parents & experts they trust. The various features and benefits that Parentune has, which helps it be.e the best parenting site for parents who are on the lookout for quality solutions include:- a.Parent Verification A best parenting website should either have parents or not. At Parentune.., all the members on the website are real parents who are validated and verified by fellow parents or by the admin team b.Parent Talk At Parentune.., you get Useful books for Children and validated solutions from fellow parents through the interactive application called Parent Talk another reason why it can be the best parenting website c.Search In todays highly paced world when people are racing against time, there is a need to ensure parents get what they want in the shortest possible time. What makes parenutne.. the best parenting website is the fact that there is search tab, which would help the parents to search for what they have actually .e looking for instead of going all through the site d.My Interest Everybody has their own interest and their interest may not be the same as that of another. At Parentune.. the best parenting website, they have ensured that Parents need not go through the website to find information relevant to them. Their interest areas can be pre filled, and one click on the Tab My Interest, provides them with all information on the site relevant to their areas of interest e.Expert Panel To be.e the best parenting site, you also need experts who support the same cause. Parentune.. has a host of experts in their panel experts which include Doctors, Nutrition for children and Wellness specialists, Psychologists, Oral Care experts, Parenting experts and child development and education experts f.Privacy Settings When information is confidential, and you wouldnt want the world to know all about you and your actions, the best parenting website, has a special feature, which allows you to control your privacy settings, allowing you to mark certain things private which you would want visible only to a select group or circle. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: