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Home-Securtiy Automated Lighting Control: Pogo Security provides a wide range of automated controls including occupancy/vacancy sensors, time clocks, daylight sensors and automated shades. Occupancy sensors can automatically turn lights on when a space occupied or vacancy sensors can dim or turn off lights when spaces are unoccupied. Reliable automated time clocks can provide a highly desirable scheduling feature that adjusts lights or shades at certain times of the day or in relation to sunrise and sunset. Daylight sensors automatically adjust electric lighting levels based on the amount of daylight in a space. When it .es to Automated Lighting Control San Francisco of both daylight and electric light, Pogo Security provides reliable solutions for any space. Daylight Automated Controls: Daylight has both aesthetic and energy saving properties, but it must be controlled to maximize the advantage of these features. Whether its automated shades to control heat gain and glare or daylight sensors to enhance energy savings, Pogo Security provides flexible daylight solutions. Access Control Systems: Once an Access Control Systems San Francisco is installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when the door is closed. Anyone without a PIN or access token is unable to enter. If necessary, doors may be set to unlock during a designated time frame. Access Control Systems can also offer flexible control over users access rights. For example, all staff can gain access through the main door of a building, but access to internal areas may be restricted to those who have a specific need to be there. Access may also be restricted by time, only granting access to particular users at certain times of day or night. An access control system is essentially a means of controlling who gets access to any given premises. This is a technology that takes the place of keys and locks by electronically locking doors and gates, which can then only be opened by those who have an access card (or chip of some sort) and/or know the pin code. Access Control Systems San Francisco can also be a little bit more sophisticated, creating more layers of security by .bining key cards with pins, finger prints and other more specific identifiers. The functionality of access systems will also depend on how many are installed and at which entry points: for instance, the gates and main doors are often included, but in certain offices, there are restricted areas where only concerned personnel are allowed entry. Thus, these systems are useful not only from the security point of view but also as a means of convenient means of segregating office premises and controlling entry. For many offices, it is a very convenient means of tracking employee hours while at other places it is the easiest way to ensure that only currently working employees can access the premises. It is possible to remotely dismantle a lost or stolen token which further enhances both security and convenience levels for employers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: