Biotherm men’s global spokesperson David Beckham surprise appeared Tmall eleven party

Biotherm global spokesman David · Beckham surprise appearance Tmall double eleven party [date], Shenzhen Biotherm men’s World Men’s spokesman David · Beckham appeared Tmall eleven double surprise party, as a representative of the elite men, his presence will undoubtedly become the biggest highlight of the night. Yesterday, David? Beckham Biotherm men invited to share stories in Shanghai # definition men – "my story, a new skin care concept never written on the face", and introduced to the guests of Biotherm men for elite men tailored new anti-aging choice Biotherm nourishing Firming Essence water. Biotherm Homme nourishing Firming Essence water set comprehensive clean, powerful moisturizing eye Zhou Xiufu, on the whole, injected high concentration upgrade Biotherm soul live source essence moisturizing ingredients, has a high intensity of skin penetration, for men’s skin aging problem concentrated repair, and can effectively enhance the effect of anti aging products following the old, relieve the problem of aging skin. Biotherm Homme nourishing Firming Essence water has fully landed Tmall flagship store, adding double camp activities. Now you can book, and there are multiple gifts gifts. Biotherm flagship store Tmall, found that more than eleven good gift. Biotherm men to David Beckham to create a new era of Biotherm men’s elite men skin nourishing & Firming series is designed for mature and wise, the cause of urban elite men with ease, help them against wrinkles, relaxation, rough and other signs of aging. The natural biological technology combines the essence of creation, to inject energy effective anti-aging, firming skin, fade fine lines, showing a healthy sheen. Men’s nourishing firming cleanser   RMB 360 125ml deep cleansing, containing a small blue particles can be gentle exfoliating, so that the skin is not rough, and to update the cell activity. Compact to grain, contains the natural skin particles, instant smooth skin, make the skin more easily absorbed skin care cream. Biotherm Homme nourishing Firming Essence nourishing water Biotherm Firming Essence nourishing & Firming Essence RMB youth men 990 Biotherm 50ML Mens nourishing Firming Essence is the first true essence of high-end men’s skin care market. For the first time, Biotherm men’s anti aging products for the skin contour – this line after the second signs of aging to provide excellent improvement program. Help elite men from the inside out, layer upon layer to rebuild the compact structure of young skin.相关的主题文章: