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College-University Now-a-days, the industry of Journalism is attracting a large number of young students. For kick start a career in this industry, an individual should join a professional course that will enhance his confidence as well as skills. These courses are introduced by numerous institutes in all over the country. If you want to begin your Career as a Journalist , you should have a Degree in Journalism from the reputed college of India or abroad. After completing your education, you can get a decent job in National news channels such as NDTV, Times Now, IBN7 or CNN. If you possess an excellent communication skill, you can easily become a successful journalist. Many top journalism colleges conduct campus interviews. That’s why, a student can get a good job in this industry. Journalism includes various sections for instance, writing, reading, editing, photographing, anchoring and broadcasting. We can classify journalism into broad categories like media, print journalism, electronic media etc. This field involves in the investigation and reporting of events, trends, issues to a large audience. A career is Journalism is one of the prestigious professions with high salary. If you choose this field as a career, you can play a significant role in the development of the country. Somebody has truly said," pen is mightier than the sword." This industry offers enormous job Opportunities in Television , radio, newspaper, magazine, Internet and so forth. Masscomedia, a premier Journalism Institute , offers bachelor and master degree Program in Journalism . The institute has well trained teaching staff who have great expertise in this field. Moreover, students can get at this institute practical experience of news documentaries, shooting movies and other exciting features. After obtaining a degree in Journalism, an individual can easily get a good job in this field as this institute has excellent placement record. For More Details: ..mass.edia.. 相关的主题文章: