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Monkey market warming in the first week of the year, some companies pledge equity pledge warning lif 并日而食的寓意是

The year of the monkey first week market to pick up part of the company equity pledge "warning" lifted Sina Financial Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor the reporter Shao, good editor Sun Fang Yang received the first week of the year of the monkey smooth, once made investors nervous of the listed company equity pledge warning some to temporarily lift. In February 19th, Mao industry communications announced that the controlling shareholder of the trillion investment has added margin to the Great Wall securities, and the warning line, open line and liquidation performance guarantee ratio of some shares of listed companies pledged by the trillion investment pledge have declined. This means that a few days ago or will affect the company’s actual control of the stability of the equity pledge risk temporarily lifted. Prior to this, Mao industry communications in January 29th announced that some of the shares of the company pledged investment risk has emerged, if the liquidation may lead to changes in the actual control of the company. To this end, Mao communications announced the suspension on the same day, by taking effective measures to reduce investment risk, in order to maintain the stability of the company’s equity. "Mao industry communication can internalize risks in a short time, except for the additional margin of Chinese trillion investment, the rapid warming of the market after the festival is also an important reason." Insiders analysis, Mao industry communication suspension time just fell low in this round, the company helpless suspension response. In the first week of the monkey market overall rebound, the downward pressure on stocks is not large. Back in the past week the market trend, the impact of A shares has not been overseas during the Spring Festival, the market slump, the rapid rise in the lower opening, one week or up to 3.49%, turnover is higher than before the holiday has been enlarged, the reform of state-owned enterprises, virtual reality, network security and other parts of the plate by the funds sought. The rapid rebound of the market also makes the valuation center to be improved, and then the stock price is rising, and affected by it, the relevant shareholders who encounter the pledge crisis due to the decline of the previous stock price obtained the "breathing machine"". According to incomplete statistics, a week after the Spring Festival, including Mao industry communication, there are deep Wafa A, Tin shares, and a total of five gold leaf jewelry Haihong holdings company announced the "equity pledge (or lever) alert", related shareholders (or ESOP) shares held by the company no longer exists open risk, company stock will resume trading. For example, deep Wafa A announcements, in order to cope with the crisis of the controlling shareholder equity pledge, Wuhan constant will hold its pledge has not been part of the company’s shares were pledged to reduce unwinding risk at the same time, also will be held by the pledge of shares ratio increased to 99.58%. It is worth mentioning that these stocks after the resumption were to show a good trend, Mao industry communication, Tin shares, deep Wafa A resumption of the day also are completed "the word board limit. In this regard, insiders said that at present, although the market for the better, "unwinding risk" temporarily eased, but does not mean that the pledge risk has no need to worry. The early warning of equity pledge has sounded the alarm to some important shareholders of listed companies. Moderate pledge and lower risk are more conducive to the stable operation of the company. Reporters noted that not all stocks experiencing equity pledge risk have bid farewell to the crisis theory

猴年首周市场回暖 部分公司股权质押“警报”解除 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ⊙记者 邵好 ○编辑 孙放   猴年首周顺利收阳,一度令投资者紧张不已的上市公司股权质押警报也有部分得以暂时解除。   2月19日,茂业通信公告称,公司控股股东中兆投资已向长城证券追加了保证金,中兆投资质押的上市公司部分股份的警戒线、平仓线和平仓履约保障比例等均已下降。这意味着,数日前或将影响公司实际控制权稳定的股权质押风险暂时解除。此前,茂业通信1月29日突发公告称,中兆投资质押的公司部分股份已出现平仓风险,如果平仓可能导致公司实际控制权发生变更。为此,茂业通信当日便宣布停牌,由中兆投资采取有效措施降低融资风险,以保持公司股权的稳定性。   “茂业通信能在短时间内化险为夷,除中兆投资追加保证金之外,节后市场快速转暖也是重要原因。”有业内人士分析,茂业通信停牌时机恰在此轮下跌低位,公司无奈停牌应对。而面对猴年首周市场整体回暖,个股的下跌压力已经不大。   回溯过去一周的市场走势,A股并未受到春节期间海外市场暴跌的影响,在低开之后迅速上扬,单周涨幅高达3.49%,成交量亦较节前有所放大,国企改革、虚拟现实、网络安全等部分板块受到资金追捧。   市场快速回暖也使得估值中枢得以提升,随之水涨船高的则是个股的股价,受其影响,因前期股价下跌而遭遇质押危机的相关股东获得了“喘息之机”。   据不完全统计,春节后一周内,包括茂业通信在内,共有深华发A、锡业股份、海虹控股及金叶珠宝总计五家公司宣布“股权质押(或杠杆)警报解除”,相关重要股东(或员工持股计划)所持公司股份已不存在平仓风险,公司股票亦随之复牌。   例如,深华发A公告显示,为应对股权质押危机,其控股股东武汉中恒将其持有尚未质押的部分公司股份进行了质押,降低平仓风险的同时,也将所持股份的质押比例提升至99.58%。   值得一提的是,上述个股在复牌之后均展现出了不错的走势,茂业通信、锡业股份、深华发A复牌当日还均完成了“一字板”涨停。   对此,有业内人士表示,目前尽管行情向好使得“平仓风险”暂时获得缓解,但并不意味着质押风险已无需担忧。前期的股权质押警报已经给部分上市公司重要股东敲响警钟,适度质押、降低风险更有利于公司稳健运行。   记者注意到,并不是所有遭遇股权质押风险的个股均已告别危机。目前,还有少数此前披露过“控股股东股票质押风险”的公司仍未就解决措施及结果发布公告。THE_END 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

In January the new rqfii line of a nearly 9 month high foreign capital actively layout a 超星神国语全集爱奇艺

In January the new RQFII line of a nearly 9 month high foreign capital actively layout A shares Level2:A shares of sina finance finance client Sina speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are analysts believe that the recent change of the A shares of overseas investors and investor sentiment, the bottom of the market gradually formed, investment opportunities appear again – reporter Fu Suying     in 2016; the first month of the new year, the foreign exchange bureau on the RMB qualified foreign institutional investors (RQFII) the amount of new speed increasing trend. The latest data released by the foreign exchange bureau showed that the new RQFII quota was 25 billion 500 million yuan in January, the highest level since April last year, reaching a new high in the past 9 months. As of January 27th, the cumulative foreign exchange bureau approval total amount of 469 billion 825 million yuan, RQFII institutions increased by 1, for the modern investment company of South Korea (strain), the total number of institutions reached 157. "Securities Daily" according to statistics, data show that in April last year -12 month, monthly new RQFII amount was 33 billion 900 million yuan, 19 billion yuan, 8 billion 200 million yuan, 8 billion 500 million yuan, 5 billion 500 million yuan, 6 billion 600 million yuan, 8 billion 25 million yuan, 17 billion yuan, 7 billion 800 million yuan, and in January this year, the additional amount for the highest value since May of last year. In addition, RQFII’s new A shares account for an increase in the number of double digits last year. According to the board of the company recently disclosed data show, 2015 year 12 month, RQFII new A shares account is still at a high level, as of the end of 12, the new account number of A shares reached 14 at this point, the number of households, account QFII has reached 942, which is RQFII months of new accounts, showing the positive the attitude of A stock market continued. It is worth noting that, in January 28th, the Hongkong area of direct investment in the mainland stock market A RQFII-ETF – rich South Chinese A50ETF get nearly 400 million yuan net purchase, all day long in premium, as of the close, the premium rate is 1.01%. According to a survey by the Hongkong Investment Fund Association recently released, Shanghai and Hong Kong through more than a year, about 80% of the large international Asset Management Co started by Shanghai and Hong Kong through investment in A shares, with a substantial increase in the rate; but launched earlier, more investment in the mainland is still the preferred channel mechanism of flexible RQFII. In this regard, analysts believe that in the near future, A shares fell sharply after the change of the A shares of overseas investors and investor sentiment, some investors believe that the bottom of the A shares has been gradually formed, investment opportunities appear again. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion 1月份新增RQFII额度创近9个月新高 外资积极布局A股 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   分析人士认为,近期,海外投资者对A股投资情绪有所变化,市场底部逐渐形成,投资机会再次显现   ■本报记者 傅苏颖    2016年新年的第一个月,外汇局投放人民币合格境外机构投资者(RQFII)新增额度有提速之势。外汇局最新公布的数据显示,1月份新增RQFII额 度255亿元,为去年4月份以来最高水平,创出近9个月以来新高。截至1月27日,外汇局累计审批总计4698.25亿元额度,RQFII机构新增1家, 为韩国的现代投资公司(株),机构总数达到157家。   《证券日报》根据统计发现,数据显示,去年4月份-12月份,月度新增RQFII额度分别为339亿元、190亿元、82亿元、85亿元、55亿元、66亿元、80.25亿元、170亿元、78亿元,而今年1月份新增额度为去年5月份以来的最高值。   此外,RQFII去年新增A股账户也出现了“双位数”的增加。据中登公司最近披露数据显示,2015年12月份,RQFII机构新开A股账户仍处于较高 水平,截至12月底,新增A股开户数达到14户,至此,QFII拥有的账户数达到942户,这也是RQFII机构连续数月新增开户,显示出其对A股市场持 续的积极态度。   值得注意的是,1月28日,香港地区直接投资内地A股市场的RQFII-ETF―南方富时中国A50ETF获得近4亿元净申购,全天都处于溢价状态,截至收盘,溢价率为1.01%。   根据香港投资基金公会近日公布的一项调查显示,“沪港通”实施一年多,约80%的大型国际资产管理公司开始通过“沪港通”投资A股,使用率大幅提高;但推出时间较早、更为灵活的RQFII仍是机构投资内地的首选渠道。   对此,分析人士认为,在近期A股大幅下跌后,海外投资者对A股投资情绪有所变化,部分投资人认为A股的底部已经逐渐形成,投资机会再次显现。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

IPhone 7 plus frequency current noise of Apple agreed to return 悲歌欢唱

IPhone 7 Plus frequency current noise of Apple agreed to return to the Yan Tao Samsung Note7 explosion of smoke has not yet dispersed, just listing the apple iPhone 7 Plus and traced to current noise continued. At present, apple official has not responded to the noise source of China business news reporter, and declined to comment on the incident. However, some users said that the noise of iPhone 7 Plus to get after sale detection, apple agreed to return. Just listed Jingxian current gate "recently, some netizens have broke the news on micro-blog, Post Bar, forums and social networks said, just received the goods iPhone 7 Plus suspected current annoying acoustic noise, and continued. Shanghai netizen Hu Jinwei told our reporter, in September 16th, iPhone 7 listed on the same day, he could not wait to go to an Apple authorized dealer in Shanghai, to the official website price of 1500 yuan to buy a iPhone 7 Plus. But after returning, it was found that the camera behind the fuselage emitted squeaks and sounds, especially when taking pictures. In September 18th, suspected the current sound not eliminated, Hu went to metastatic Apple stores, the staff of the machine after the detection of said mobile phone hardware itself is no problem, but the existence of abnormal sound similar to the current sound, and agreed to return. In addition, there are Beijing, Guangdong and other places to reflect this reporter to reporters, the Apple’s official website received iPhone 7 Plus also appeared near the phone camera suspected current sound. Some netizens said that when they heard this voice, "completely frightened", but apple did not explain the source of the sound. According to media reports, foreign friends also have the same experience. A man named Stephen Hackett users on Twitter has released a video, and stressed that fizzed will iPhone 7 Plus at run time, followed by Apple’s PR department, former staff writer Darrel TechCrunch (Darrell Etherington) Shai Burlington also said to encounter the same problem. Apple agreed to return the reporter to contact Apple official customer service, then the other said, at present it has been a lot of mobile phone customers reflect the current sound, but the sound is in the mobile phone after the upgrade ios10, finishing due to scan the data system, and the new iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus 7 has been installed ios10 system, the probability of the current sound the very small. If the user’s newly purchased mobile phone has a current sound, it can go to the maintenance site and let the engineer detect it. In case of no damage, it can be returned according to the "Three Guarantees" law of china. However, there are also netizens reflect, apple customer service response said, may be leakage or headphone problems caused by the current sound. This reporter on the current sound causes, whether there are security risks, as well as Apple Corp on the matter processing methods and other issues, call and e-mail

iPhone 7 Plus频现电流声噪音 苹果同意退货   文 向炎涛   三星Note7爆炸的“硝烟”尚未散去,刚刚上市的苹果iPhone 7 Plus又被曝出现持续的电流声噪音。目前苹果官方尚未对《中国经营报》记者回应噪声来源,对于此事也不予置评。不过有用户表示,把有噪音的iPhone 7 Plus拿到售后检测之后,苹果同意退换货。   刚上市惊现“电流门”   近日,有网友陆续在微博、贴吧、论坛等社交网络上爆料称,刚刚收到货的iPhone 7 Plus出现恼人的疑似电流声的噪音,并且一直持续。   上海网友胡晋玮告诉本报记者,9月16日,iPhone 7上市当天,他就迫不及待地去了上海一家苹果授权经销商,以高出官网价1500元的价格购买了一台iPhone 7 Plus。但是回去之后发现,机身后置摄像头处不时发出吱吱的电流声,并且在拍照的时候这种声音尤其明显。9月18日,疑似电流声没有消除,胡晋玮前往苹果体验店,工作人员对其机器检测之后表示,手机硬件本身没有问题,但是确实存在类似电流声的异响,并表示同意退换货。   此外,还有北京、广东等多地网友向本报记者反映称,其在苹果官网下单收到的iPhone 7 Plus同样在手机摄像头附近出现疑似电流声。有网友表示刚听到这一声音时“完全被吓到”,但苹果售后并未解释声音来源。   另据媒体报道,国外网友也有同样遭遇。一位名叫Stephen Hackett的网友在推特上率先放出了一段视频,并强调iPhone 7 Plus在运行的时候会发出嘶嘶声,紧接着苹果公关部门前员工、TechCrunch作家达雷尔・埃瑟灵顿(Darrell Etherington)也表示遇到了同样的问题。   苹果同意退换货   本报记者随后联系苹果官方客服,对方表示,目前确实已经有不少客户反映手机出现电流声,但这一声音是手机在升级ios10之后,系统对数据扫描整理所致,而新上市的iPhone 7和iPhone 7 Plus已预装了ios10系统,出现电流声的几率很小很小。如果用户新购买的手机出现电流声,可前往维修点让工程师检测,在没有损坏情况下,可根据中国“三包”法规定进行退换货。   不过,也有网友反映,苹果客服回应称,可能是漏电或听筒的问题导致的电流声。   本报记者就电流声产生原因、是否存在安全隐患,以及苹果公司对此事处理方式等问题致电、发邮件给苹果公司公关人员,截至发稿,尚未收到回复。其中一位公关人员表示,如果不回复,就表示苹果公司对此事“NO COMMENT”(不评论)。   有知情人士对本报记者透露,由于这两天电流声问题集中爆发,苹果公司目前已经将问题反馈到代工厂富士康,正在全力调查问题来源。   富士康公关人员则对本报记者表示:“我们不针对单一客户及品牌发表评论。”   不排除出现问题   在威锋网上,有网友分析认为,iPhone 7 Plus出现的电流声可能是“线圈声”或“电啸声”――高性能处理器或者任何电子部件都有可能发出这种声音,特别是这些部件受潮或者需要处理大型任务时都会出现这种声音。也有媒体猜测是和RF发收器相关,或者是扩音器系统。   通信观察人士项立刚对本报记者表示,目前苹果官方尚未公布声音产生的具体原因,不好下结论。手机中国联盟秘书长王艳辉也表示,即使出现一些小问题,很多也可以通过后期的更新来弥补。不过即使是苹果,也不排除之前出现过的“天线门”事件可能再次发生。   2010年,苹果发布史上最受欢迎机型iPhone4,但是正式销售一段时间后,苹果公司却受到大量用户投诉,主要原因是设计师把天线放在机壳侧面,而用户握住手机的方式使得信号难以接收,最后此事发展到集体诉讼的地步,被称为“天线门”。据媒体报道,一开始苹果方面对此回应冷淡,乔布斯甚至劝用户改用别的方式来拿手机,引发部分网友抵制购买iPhone。最后苹果声明会在未来几周内发布免费软件来更新信号显示错误问题。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Listed companies get together to invest in large health industry, general medical resumption of a wo 河北体育学院是几本

Listed companies get together and invest in the health industry medical Dunlop resumption word limit sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor – Qiao Chuanchuan told reporters yesterday suspended for a month’s medical Dunlop dished out the "health field portfolio", the company intends to be increased by the acquisition of a subsidiary company Dunlop pharmaceutical 40% stake, also intends to 273 million yuan fund-raising into Dunlop cardiovascular hospital and O2O network marketing network system construction project. In addition to the intended use of the self financing of $95 million worth of RMB, and the people of Yantai De Yuan equity investment management center jointly set up a total size of not more than $100 million in global precision medical innovation investment fund, the shares resume trading after yesterday also appeared in the word limit board. In fact, since the end of 2015, the listed company again up the large field of health investment, according to the "Securities Daily" reporter, xinzhongji, Zhongguancun, new world, ordinary shares, shares, aluminum stick Jie Yi Hua health and other companies announced that the big health industry layout will be overweight or positive transition to large the field of health. Specifically, in 2016 January the new world shareholders agreement after adjustment intends to 11.49 yuan shares set by the fund-raising not more than 114 million 475 thousand and 100 shares of not more than 1 billion 315 million 320 thousand yuan, of which 1 billion 256 million yuan will be used for the health industry development projects; after the implementation of the project, the company will achieve retail, health two core business collaboration in 2015 December, two wheeled drive; new group intends to 8.34 yuan shares increased 179 million 856 thousand and 100 shares, at a price of 1 billion 500 million yuan acquisition LVSHOU health (100% equity valuation 1 billion 506 million yuan, value-added rate of 6235.93%). In addition to the above companies, homey, Haining City, thousands of feet of pearls and some other traditional industry companies have begun to test the waters of a large area of health, homey 2016 January announcement, for the relevant preferential policies on China ROK FTA, improve the health industry layout, the company intends to set up a wholly owned subsidiary of Weihai Haodangjia beauty Investment Limited registered capital of 100 million. Yuan. Haining Leather City January 6th announcement, the company set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, Haining Leather City Health Industry Investment Co., Ltd. has completed industrial and commercial registration, the registered capital of 200 million yuan. Qianzu Pearl January 12th announcement, the company has completed the Qigihar hospital, Haining Jianhua Hong Wah hospital, Jiangsu Fu Tian rehabilitation hospital of the three hospital 100% equity transfer and the change of business, Jianhua hospital, Hong Wah hospital, Fu Tian hospital has become a wholly owned subsidiary of the company, the company intends to change the name to "innovation of medical management of Limited by Share Ltd". From the listed companies in the specific field of health, the internet medical, private hospitals, precision medical, Chinese medicine are favored areas. According to incomplete statistics, there are more than more than 60 listed companies involved in the big health industry. It is worth mentioning that, from the perspective of the stock rename, it also reflects the firm commitment of listed companies to actively seize the field of large health. According to statistics, since 2016, 23 companies have issued the announcement of the name change of stocks, of which 3 companies have been renamed after the stock market

上市公司扎堆投资大健康产业 乐普医疗复牌一字涨停 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   ■本报记者 乔川川   昨日停牌一个月的乐普医疗抛出了大健康领域“投资组合包”,公司拟通过定增收购控股子公司乐普药业40%股权,同时拟以2.73亿元募资投入乐普心血管网络医院及O2O营销网络体系建设项目。另外还将拟使用自筹资金9500万美元等值的人民币,与烟台民和德元股权投资管理中心共同投资设立总规模不超过1亿美元的全球精准医疗创新投资基金,该股在昨日复牌后也是出现了一字板涨停。   事实上,2015年底以来,上市公司再度刮起大健康领域投资风,据《证券日报》记者观察,新中基、中关村、新世界、常铝股份、棒杰股份、宜华健康等多家公司发布公告称将加码布局大健康产业或向大健康领域积极转型。具体来看,2016年1月份新世界股东大会同意调整后拟以11.49元 股定增不超过11447.51万股募资不超过131532万元,其中125600万元将用于大健康产业拓展项目;项目实施后公司将实现百货零售、大健康两大核心主业双轮协同驱动;2015年12月份,新中基拟以8.34元 股定增17985.61万股,作价15亿元收购绿瘦健康100%股权(估值15.06亿元,增值率6235.93%)。   除上述公司外,好当家、海宁皮城、千足珍珠等一些传统行业公司也开始试水大健康领域,好当家2016年1月份公告,为依托中韩自贸区相关优惠政策,完善公司大健康产业布局,公司拟成立全资子公司威海好当家美容投资有限公司,注册资本为1亿元。海宁皮城1月6日公告,公司设立全资子公司海宁皮革城健康产业投资有限公司已完成工商注册,注册资本2亿元。千足珍珠1月12日公告,公司已完成齐齐哈尔建华医院、海宁康华医院、江苏福恬康复医院这三家医院各100%股权过户及工商变更,建华医院、康华医院、福恬医院已成为公司的全资子公司,公司拟将名称变更为“创新医疗管理股份有限公司”。   从上市公司布局大健康的具体领域来看,互联网医疗、民营医院、精准医疗、中医都是备受青睐的领域。据不完全统计,目前已有逾60多家上市公司涉及大健康产业。   值得一提的是,从股票更名情况来看,也体现出上市公司积极抢占大健康领域的坚定决心。据统计,2016年以来截至昨日有23家公司发布股票更名公告,其中有3家公司股票更名后均带“健康”两字;莲花味精更名为莲花健康,卫宁软件更名为卫宁健康、江苏三友更名为美年健康。   对此,分析人士表示,随着“健康中国”这一国家战略的逐步深入及各种政策红利的相继释放,促进健康将不仅直接创造生产力,“大健康”产业也将受此影响,可能引领新一轮经济发展浪潮。   从节后的市场表现来看,大健康产业概念股表现较为平淡,个股中仅奇正藏药、运盛医疗、京东方A、益佰制药、千山药机、文峰股份、爱建集团、金健米业、百大集团和万达信息区间涨幅均在10%以上,分别为:22.11%、14.57%、13.48%、13.13%、12.23%、12.10%、11.98%、10.87%、10.54%和10.44%。但市场人士也表示,大健康产业作为行业基本面好且景气度较高的领域,在经过去年下半年以来深幅下跌后,其估值优势及中期布局价值均显现,在板块经过震荡蓄势后,必将迎来一波新的上涨行情。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

accelerate the establishment of a full range of open economy 辽宁科技学院贴吧

NDRC: the western development priority to consolidate border security – Beijing, Beijing, September 7, according to the NDRC website news, the national development and Reform Commission issued "on the day before the implementation of the regional development strategy to promote the coordinated development of regional guidance" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"). "Opinions" pointed out that the implementation of the western development strategy should be placed at the priority position, started to build a number of major projects to consolidate the national ecology and border security. "Opinions" pointed out, will further strengthen the coordination of the East, West and northeast development, actively promote along the river, along the coastal and border areas and important traffic arteries of economic growth with the construction, promote the production factors in the wider region orderly flow freely, and construct new pattern of West and East, North and south to build coordination the development of the. The "opinions" mentioned, the in-depth implementation of the western development strategy in the first place, better play a leading role in The Belt and Road "construction of the western development, the western region to promote the factors of production flow and concentration, to cultivate new economic growth point and growth pole, started construction of a number of major projects, and constantly improve the construction of infrastructure and basic public service level, consolidate the national ecological and border security. "Opinions" that will vigorously promote the old industrial bases in Northeast China revitalization, efforts to improve the institutional mechanisms to further promote the reform of key areas, expand towards Northeast Asia and the European and American countries (regions) of open cooperation, actively promote the structural adjustment of industrial structure, support a single area (city) to accelerate the transformation, efforts to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, foster to enhance the power of endogenous development, efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood, promote the sustainable development of resource type city. In addition, the "opinions" also mentioned that the central region will further play the unique advantages of the East and the west, connecting the north and south, formulating and implementing a new ten year plan to promote the rise of the central region, improve the policy support system, activate the potential for development, accelerate the construction of an integrated transport system, in order to undertake industrial transfer, and actively promote the new urbanization, deepen the opening of the comprehensive cooperation, further absorb population, industrial agglomeration and enhance comprehensive strength. At the same time, to support the eastern region to take the lead in innovation and development, actively learn from the advanced experience of international efforts to promote the comprehensive deepening reform and institutional innovation, accelerate the implementation of innovation driven development, to further expand opening-up and cooperation, accelerate the establishment of a full range of open economy, and actively explore the new mechanism of co-ordination, better play an important engine of economic growth in the country and radiation the leading role.

发改委:把西部大开发放在优先位置 巩固边疆安全-中新网   中新网9月7日电 据发改委网站消息,国家发改委日前印发了《关于贯彻落实区域发展战略促进区域协调发展的指导意见》(下称《意见》)。《意见》指出,将把深入实施西部大开发战略放在优先位置,开工建设一批重大项目,巩固国家生态和边疆安全。   《意见》指出,将进一步加强对东、中、西部和东北地区发展的统筹协调,积极推动沿大江大河、沿边沿海和沿重要交通干线的经济增长带建设,促进生产要素在更广区域内有序自由流动,构建东中西、南北方协调联动发展的新格局。   《意见》提到,将把深入实施西部大开发战略放在优先位置,更好发挥“ 一带一路” 建设对西部大开发的带动作用,促进生产要素向西部地区流动和集聚,着力培育新的经济增长点和增长极,开工建设一批重大项目,不断提升基础设施建设和基本公共服务水平,巩固国家生态和边疆安全。   《意见》表示,将大力推动东北地区等老工业基地全面振兴,着力完善体制机制,深入推进重点领域改革,扩大面向东北亚及欧美国家(地区) 的开放合作,积极推进结构调整, 支持产业结构单一地区(城市) 加快转型,着力鼓励创新创业,培育提升内生发展动力,着力保障和改善民生, 促进资源型城市可持续发展。   此外,《意见》中还提到,将进一步发挥中部地区承东启西、连接南北的独特优势, 制定实施新十年促进中部地区崛起规划,完善支持政策体系,激活发展潜力,加快综合交通运输体系建设,有序承接产业转移,积极推进新型城镇化,全面深化对内对外开放合作,进一步吸纳人口、集聚产业和增强综合实力。   同时,支持东部地区率先创新发展,积极借鉴国际先进经验,着力推动全面深化改革和制度创新,加快实现创新驱动发展,进一步扩大对外开放合作,加快建立全方位开放型经济体系,积极探索陆海统筹新机制,更好发挥在全国经济增长中的重要引擎和辐射带动作用。相关的主题文章: