Changan cs75 1.5T is finally coming to market in October popkart

After Changan CS75 1.5T finally come in October will be listed in September, the major automobile manufacturers have an olive branch, trying to take a "golden nine silver ten" on the train to achieve sales breakthrough stage, quickly seize market share. In addition to many offers, many car brands have also chosen to launch new products at this key point to attract the attention of all parties. In these upcoming models, Changan CS75 1.5T must be the loudest voice. The market leader, small displacement SUV increasingly popular throughout the current car market, SUV with its large space, strong power, high pass has already occupied the half of the country. At the same time, with the advantages of energy saving attracted all the fans of the small displacement SUV is also increasingly popular, more attention in the small displacement SUV and at the same time, automobile manufacturers have to cater to the market demand, you sing our debut, this is not the only one of various preferential policies, but recently the hottest speculation to the upcoming Changan CS75 1.5T. The car is Changan CS75 after 1.8T, 2.0L after another masterpiece, in all aspects of performance is remarkable. The small displacement of the gospel, the Changan CS75 1.5T in October will be listed according to the understanding, the Changan CS75 1.5T to subvert the market for all the imagination: the small displacement engine, has been a major breakthrough, using the direct injection turbocharged and in cylinder. It is well known that the direct injection pressure of the cylinder is 50 times of that of the conventional fuel injection system, which makes full use of every drop of fuel to provide more powerful power. The technology of the GDI requirements higher than ordinary multi point injection technology, the relative cost is higher, so the most used cars. The Changan automobile will be the advanced technology used in the CS75 1.5T, it is the industry conscience. In addition to engine upgrade, will be listed on the Changan CS75 1.5T in addition to adhering to the excellent performance of Changan CS series and super high One principle runs through it all. configuration, in many aspects is an upgrade improvement: 360 degree panoramic imaging system, a glance to eliminate blind; comfortable induction wipers; the whole system comes standard with LED lamp and so on functional will maximize vehicle to the extreme, so that consumers can enjoy the perfect comfortable driving experience. Changan CS75 1.5T is not yet listed, has attracted attention from all sides, according to the relevant person in charge of Changan 4S shop said that early in Changan announced the upcoming launch of CS75 1.5T have many customers come to ask, the popular sentiment remarkable. Changan CS75 1.5T will bring us what kind of surprise? We will wait and see.相关的主题文章: