Cheap car to buy a house without money to buy a car by rent purchasing sweets parade

Cheap car buying real money to buy a car on rent purchasing solution with "double eleven chop hand Carnival" is approaching, the major automobile manufacturers have played a "double eleven preferential" slogan, the original price of four million cars, now can enjoy two discount to thirty thousand yuan, the less Aijuyizu, is an exciting news. However, for just bought a new house of Mr. Wang, the car Carnival feast even if he wants to participate, there is no admission qualifications. Mr. Wang said in an interview: "I plan to work in a car to the double eleven, but new houses Shoufu has exceeded the budget. The rest of the money to buy a car is not enough to pay the first payment, so we can only wait, there will be a discount after the event." Under the pressure of high prices in Shenzhen, such as Mr. Wang generally buy a house there is no money to buy a car a lot of people. In this regard, Shenzhen cheap car service limited company adhering to the "people-oriented, Yikeweizun" business philosophy, especially to want to buy a car but temporarily unable to come up with the first payment customers launched "0 Shoufu" Car Buying preferential activities and "rent purchasing mode Car Buying, that the car more often than in the double eleven! It is understood that the current Shenzhen City low-cost car service limited company with a number of 4S stores and manufacturers to carry out friendly cooperation, business vehicles in addition to Mercedes Benz, BMW and other brands of vehicles, as well as the superman of the Buick business car models, low price, whether it is private car Car Buying or entrepreneurial team Car Buying needs can be meet. Car Buying only selected according to the demand of the vehicle itself, and then by the cheap car company directly purchase the full amount of rent to customers, Car Buying "wait for car". After the purchase of the car only in accordance with the contract, the monthly payment of a certain amount of rent, when the expiration of the agreement, the cheap car company will handle the transfer procedures for customers, car buyers can have ownership of the vehicle. "Double eleven car prices do have concessions, but I still feel that the way to hire more suitable for me." Ms. Song said that she had just handled 0 car companies in the low-cost car rental to buy the business. "We just got home two days ago, the money can only be taken out to do the decoration. However, this new home from my daughter to school so far, transportation is not convenient, so I want to look or to buy a car. They just told me that my car will be ready in two days." Ms. Song said in an interview. Now, car loans have become the main way of many people Car Buying, while the lack of the first payment Aijuyizu, Shenzhen cheap Automobile Service Co. (0) Shoufu "rent purchasing business is more popular.相关的主题文章: