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Web-Hosting However there also other reseller web hosting plans except for the cheap one, but that choice depends on your money. Of course it is re.mended for a new user to the hosting market to start with a cheap reseller hosting due to the lack of knowledge and experience. Cheap reseller hosting can be characterized with a decent quality service at low prices. Minimum downtime and maximum performance, but the big minus is that you have a limit on the websites hosted, disk space usage and bandwidth. Of course all that is just in the beginning. Reseller hosting business is like a pyramid "" you start from the cheap reseller hosting and by making profit out of it you gradually upgrade the hosting plan until reaching the level at which you can buy your own dedicated server or collocation facility. Basically this is one of the best ways to increase your in.e using your internet knowledge and skills. With enough advertising and professional attitude towards your job you can create one of the biggest hosting enterprises that the internet .munity has ever seen. However there is one big "but" about the cheap reseller hosting "" how can your customers control their websites. This is up to you "" you can setup multiple control panels on your reseller hosting "" cPanel, H-Sphere, DirectAdmin, WebMin and many others. Those control panels are basically web pages that allow control of the hosting service by connecting to its database with an exact username and passwords which you provide to your customers depending on what name they chose for their web hosting. Our cheap reseller hosting plans use the latest server machines, inter. connections and an uninterruptible power supply which means that there won"t be any downtime for your reseller hosting at all. We offer you all this at lower possible prices and provide you with technical support for any kinds of questions you have about buying the reseller hosting and setting it up for use. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: