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Child recruitment scam: nude figure one inspection requirements of reselling video Sohu news recently, some friends broke the news that there is in the network culture with lady-killer star banner, to students for nude, and asked to do some action. A child who has participated in the recruitment of the number of public Sohu girl told Aurora, she had met several times for nude video recruitment, recruiters have also issued other girls nude video trying to persuade her. The aurora has found that recruiters use the same QQ release recruitment information in young girls and child erotic forum has made original. An undercover in this kind of platform for more than a year of friends said, he contacted hundreds of encountered this type of scam girls, these girls are mostly under 14 years of age, the lack of awareness of fraud prevention, even cheated also buganshengzhang. Some of the girls in nude nude pictures, video interview after being asked to do all kinds of trivial action, such as foreign body contact resistance will be threatened. He called on the community to strengthen the protection of girls in primary school education. According to the protection of girls @ friends broke the news reporting, have to debut as the star lady-killer temptation to schoolchildren for nude, and asked to do some action. Undercover in this kind of platform for more than a year of Zhao Mo (a pseudonym) to the public, Sohu said the name of the aurora, and some lady-killer star recruit job announcements in Baidu Post Bar, QQ interested tribal platform, and then in the interview to check the figure name required the girls to strip naked video, and even take nude even the threat of sexual assault. Chat screenshots provided by Zhao Mo, "Tong Xing dream — XXX, XX film agent boss" and "XX media training", "the XX Brothers Movie Group", "XX media", "Chongqing XX Tong Xing culture media company" and "Tong Xing X media -XX" in dozens of recruitment Tong Xing claims the regulations of the company, to build, development and detection of detection in video interview as required the girls to make clothes and other movements in the girls when they refused to persuade the other said "you don’t never the unspoken rule, (Tong Xing)", "this is all Tong Xing’s unspoken rules, even if you have to wear the arts male underwear in the front of the examiner check, sometimes get some girls naked photos or video," is it so for others". They required the girls to send two nude photos, that is all performing arts company requirements. Source: respondents provide recruiters for girls "clawed legs open", "bust". Source: respondents from chat record, and put forward to do a specified action requires some "employer". Netizen "Chongqing XX star culture media company" first interview claimed "need detection system comes with our system to detect your body and body measurements, an interview is not to wear clothes and trousers", then to interview girls drying out some girls nude photos and videos, and asked for an interview the girls do some specific actions, "insert the following is to test your sensitivity and your facial expression feel". Some recruiters issued wretched video required the girls to do. Source: respondents provide recruiters are required to do trivial action, explain "insert is to test your following sensitivity and load相关的主题文章: