China property or halted – in climax of Sohu financial madness unfccc

China property or halted – in frantic climax of Sohu in finance every era has its representative consumer demand, expand the demand and release, will create a large number of enterprises and legend. Over the past more than and 100 years, the United States as a representative of the continued growth of capitalism and the market economy, has been the birth of the iron and steel magnate Carnegie, the king of Ford, oil magnate Rockefeller. Now, one is represented by the Wall Street financiers to earn greater profits, on the other hand also has the rise of the new economy like Microsoft, Google, apple and so on as the representative of the. From the global trend, consumer demand gradually from simple raw materials and tools of demand, began to shift to the financial, spiritual, information, beauty, experience, etc.. Compared with the United States, due to the development of China market economy is very special, the field of iron and steel, automobile, petroleum, telecommunications, has always been "state monopoly, China and not in the tide of market for over thirty years, the birth of steel magnate, auto king and oil magnate etc.. However, with the release of the urban housing market, China has created a lot of real estate tycoon. Wang Shi Vanke, Hengda Xu Jiayin, is its main representative. Vanke in many enterprises, an enterprise is very special, many investors did not take Vanke as state-owned enterprises, under reasonable institutional arrangements and under the leadership of Wang Shi, Vanke’s vitality and efficiency even higher than many private enterprises. For a long time, buy Vanke is considered to represent the value of investment". Similar to listed companies in the steel, oil, telecommunications and other state-owned assets accounted for a high proportion of the industry can not find. Coupled with the approval system and other restrictions, the rise of the Internet and technology stocks, and has not been accepted by China’s capital markets, investors can not buy Tencent, Baidu, Alibaba and other enterprises in the country. The flow of funds actually coincidentally gathered to the real estate field. No matter what stage the real estate market has reached, in China, it seems to be the most worthy of the industry to buy. July 2016, Vanke Limited by Share Ltd with 2015 annual revenue of $184 billion 318 million ($29 billion 329 million) for the first time among the Fortune 500 in the world, ranked 356th in the list. As a pure real estate development oriented enterprises, to reach the world top 500, only China enterprises can do. Furthermore, according to Shenzhen recently announced the implementation of the "measures" on some support to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and the "implementation rules", for the first time this year to enter the world top 500 Vanke municipal government can get 30 million yuan reward. See, this is the 30 million award winner takes all logic, Vanke is just icing on the cake, but for tens of thousands of small businesses, may be able to help. The development and growth of the real estate market, in turn, is the process of self enhancement and self realization under the distortion of the whole consumer demand and industrial policy. At present Chinese residential housing market is 3.5 times GDP, matched with 20 years ago, the Japanese real estate bubble peak. However, if you have a large amount of investment funds.相关的主题文章: