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The civil aviation authority to encourage investment in social capital construction and operation of civil airport on 30 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Qi Zhongxi) 30 reporter learned from the civil aviation authority, the Civil Aviation Bureau issued "on the day before to encourage investment in social capital construction and operation of civil airports", a comprehensive civil airport construction and operation of market liberalization, innovation of civil airport construction and operation of investment and financing way to increase cooperation of government and social capital policy support, in order to improve the airport service quality and efficiency, promote the safe and efficient development of civil aviation industry. According to the "opinions", the civil aviation authority to meet the national civilian transport airport layout plan, approved by the State Planning and regional planning and industry development planning of airport transportation projects are all open to social capital; reduce the number of state-owned or state-owned airports; further liberalization of the transport airport public air transport enterprises and service enterprises the full liberalization of investment restrictions; general airport construction, no restrictions on the investment subject, and the full liberalization of investment restrictions between general airport and other market players; open the market of civil aviation intermediary service, comply with the corresponding qualification requirements of the state-owned and private, foreign investment, mixed ownership enterprises and other investment entities, either alone or project combination of full participation in the civil airport consulting, design, construction, operation, maintenance and other services. Social capital through franchising, franchise transfer, equity transfer, trust operations, integrated restructuring and other means of capital operation, to participate in the construction and operation of civil airport and its service facilities projects; social capital through a special trust scheme, the subscription of equity investment funds and other ways to participate in the civil airport investment activities, or through the comprehensive development of civil airport land or land within the scope of the airport economic zone, property, business, advertising and other resources of the construction and operation of the airport service facilities. Support for greater cooperation between the government and social capital policy, the civil aviation bureau will further simplify the social capital investment in the combined military and civilian airport and its service facilities outside the airport project approval procedures, cancel the investment of private capital in the terminal, cargo warehousing, ground services, air catering, overnight visitors room, parking lot, energy security air transport sales agency, storage and transportation of aviation fuel filling and other business projects investment approval; actively and orderly liberalization of civil airport competitive areas or aspects of price, price of innovation management; social capital to participate in the new construction, renovation and expansion of the airport project and government investment in Airport projects enjoy equal policy treatment, according to the relevant policies and enjoy the civil aviation development fund subsidies and operating subsidies. The civil aviation bureau will be released to the public civil airport development planning, industry policy, technical standards, construction projects and other information, strengthen supervision and management of investment in construction and operation of social capital, civil airports and related activities in accordance with the law, maintaining the order of fair competition, establish and perfect the law of credit system, to carry out inspection and acceptance and the responsibility shall be investigated according to law. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: