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Comment: a remake of the classic feelings very precious do not over consumption "The Legend Of White Snake" poster wrote: Guangzhou Daily reporter Moss its grid end as the "Westward Journey" series of films, "westward journey 3" since its release it has received a high degree of attention of the audience, with the continuous fermentation of the topic, the heat is higher, by the fans attention in the Mid Autumn Festival schedule. However, the corresponding phase with high box office is a way of reputation decline, as of press time, the film on Douban score only 4.9 points, but also to netizen Tucao, a large number of users think that this work ruined the classic heart. In fact, in recent years the classic remake beyond count, but the harvest praise is really not much, why do you find it difficult to accept the remake? What is the problem? A "big" complex friends crying "mentality of disillusion" "westward journey 3" story in front of two department to undertake quite closely, even in some places to answer before two didn’t make it clear. For example, the beginning of the story, with the celestial moonlight can pass through, so she passed into the future, see their end. But, compared with the previous two complete love story, the "westward journey 3" appears in the first two deliberately mutilated. Many classic plot appears in the year two classic, have shown here, but behind every classic lines of the classic story, is a re interpretation of Jeffrey Lau [micro-blog], it is the story of Jeffrey Lau let netizens Tucao more than. Some netizens said that they need only a classic review, not the deconstruction of the classic. Even the "Westward Journey" before the two crown after modernism itself is "Deconstruction" symbol, also can not. Jeffrey Lau in this story, I turned to Sun Wukong and personality change, explained as "Sun Wukong is already dead, is to learn the six ear macaque". The reason and common Zixia Qingxia flesh, because her body in the Jade Emperor, and with the six ear macaque children. The spring of thirty and two when the mother suddenly gave birth to a child, because the wrong mumbo-jumbo, so quickly put the box six ear macaque children sent to the earth, and the child is tang…… Even netizens love "love life" is also a demon, bovine digestion, Xiangxiang, et al a nonsensical joker in the cave. So for the original "gaming" let netizens most can not stand, "the story changed too fast like a tornado". With the film itself as in the past to make exaggerated acting style, prior to the feelings to the audience’s tears. Some netizens said: "this movie is finished, really feel sad than ugly. Even if he is a director, has the power of final interpretation of the "Westward Journey", but after all, on behalf of our youth mentality, now, this mentality vanished." "The" westward journey 3 "was born, when love is like giving the" Westward Journey "people popping a few slap in the face, mocked them all those feelings which are a joke, too cruel!" Jeffrey Lau denied speculation.相关的主题文章: