Cooperation between the central enterprises to accelerate the integration of industrial restructurin

The central enterprises of industrial restructuring cooperation will accelerate the integration of   eight in advance — Finance — original title: central enterprises industrial restructuring cooperation will accelerate the integration of the eight to 6 days, the SASAC held a reorganization of central enterprises to integrate industry forum. SASAC director Xiao Yaqing said, the next step is to accelerate the integration of industrial restructuring cooperation between the central enterprises, the central enterprises to further promote and optimize the allocation of resources, promote the upgrading of the quality and efficiency of the transformation of the central enterprises, state-owned economy to enhance the overall function and efficiency, better play an exemplary role of the central enterprises in the service of national strategy. To explore new ways of cooperation of the central enterprises, through business integration, asset restructuring, equity cooperation, asset replacement, free transfer, transfer agreements, strategic alliances, joint development of a variety of ways, the central enterprises to promote win-win cooperation and coordinated development. In the next four months, efforts to achieve the full range of work tasks and economic growth targets. To speed up industrial restructuring cooperation integration "between central enterprises restructuring cooperation integration is an inevitable requirement to optimize the layout and structure of state-owned capital, is an important way of fitness and health of quality and efficiency, is an important measure to promote the supply side structural reform." Xiao Yaqing said that at present, most of the central enterprises are still distributed in traditional industries, the proportion of strategic emerging industries is low. Some enterprises also rely mainly on expanding the scale of development, increase investment, from the extension of the expansion of the model to the connotation of the growth model of the task is arduous. In some industries, the degree of industrial concentration is low, the efficiency of resource allocation is not high, the core competitiveness is not strong, and repeated construction, vicious competition, waste of resources, environmental pollution and other issues have not been solved well. At the same time, the main central enterprises is not prominent, investment diversification, homogeneity management, "big and complete" problem of state-owned capital into the industry is too wide, the front is too long, some enterprises in the national economy 96 classes in more than and 70, the number of corporate units, the business sector is not clear, between different levels of subsidiary company business cross hybrid, internal competition, the whole function of enterprise. Especially the loss of business is more concentrated in the following 5, operating risks, potential risks, the cleaning is not cleaned, the exit does not exit, the integration is not integrated, the emergence of a large number of inefficient assets, zombie companies and the long-term loss of business. In addition, the central enterprises in the industry as part of industry overcapacity, and some lack of industry supply, there is a lot of low-end product sales are sluggish, a large backlog, and a number of high-end products can not meet the demand. For example, the key parts of the high-end equipment manufacturing industry is still heavily dependent on imports, the domestic robot market share accounted for only 30%, and concentrated in the low-end industries, most of aviation materials need to be imported, aircraft and spacecraft parts and its annual imports of about 170 billion yuan. Xiao Yaqing said, the SASAC central enterprises attach great importance to the reorganization and integration and cooperation, and actively promote the central enterprises through joint reorganization, professional integration, collaboration and downstream business, improve the quality of development, accelerate the pace of development. To achieve one plus one is greater than two Xiao Yaqing introduction, the central enterprises to cooperate in the reorganization of industrial integration相关的主题文章: