Designed for children aged 3-6 years to push Karen P1 electric car design running man 20130908

Designed for 3-6 years old children design Mai Karen push P1 electriccar you remember Michael Karen in the 2013-2015 launched P1 supercar, the domestic price of up to 12 million 600 thousand yuan. A total of 375 cars, of which 27% of the owners from asia. The day before, Karen also released a single version of a P1 electric roadster, but the car is not suitable for adults, but only for the 3-6 year old children. This convertible stroller shape show the good Karen P1 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) the essence of the door part of the scissors door design is similar to the original car. The central seat car is arranged in the McLaren F1 style configuration, not only the start button, lights, air conditioning, and MP3 player and a copy of the audio system of children’s song. Michael Karen P1 stroller rely on pure electric drive, matching the gearbox with 3 forward and 1 reverse gear, the car accelerates from 0 to the maximum speed of only 2 seconds. Wait, don’t worry, because its maximum speed is only about 5km H. Michael Karen P1 stroller will be officially on sale at the end of October, the price of 375 pounds in the UK, other market price yet to be announced.相关的主题文章: