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Inspirational Have you lost someone you love, and sensed that theyre trying to reach out, send you signs, or let you know theyre okay? After death .munications occur frequently but often we do not recognize the small more subtle attempts. Have you wondered how you might recognize these messages and have a clearer connection with your deceased loved ones? Ive found that its remarkably easy, if you just do certain things. Easy things. Or pay attention to other things, both big and little. The payoff and the ripple affects from such a connection is life changing. Through advising countless people who have lost loved ones, I have learned that my beautiful experience can be yours–that your deceased loved one can be your secret weapon, your staunchest ally, your heavenly eyes and ears. My sister, who died at age seventeen twenty-three years ago, has guided me into some of the best work and life situations Ive ever experienced. I want that for you too. I want your relationship with your loved one to be one of the most fulfilling, protective, fun, natural, and beautiful things in your world–so much so that youll believe as I do now, that death is a beautiful part of life. A beginning, not an end. The sheer brutality of having to say goodbye to a person who gives your life meaning is unbearable. But, because of how gut wrenching my sisters death was for me, because of how horrible and unfair it was to my parents and my other older sister, to my grandparents, and Kathys young friends–most of who had never seen death–I had to find the silver lining. If not, I would have gone nuts. Like my friend who used to wake up at night insanely trying to figure out ways to pull a Victor Frankenstein and go to the funeral parlor and bring her father back from the dead. Thats how crazy our minds get when experiencing the inconceivable pain of loss. So, even though Im not a fan of the entire unfair system, it did quickly be.e obvious to me that it was futile trying to fight it. I mean; death has been around a lot longer than I. Maybe youre dealing with a loved one with whom you had unfinished business. Maybe you hadnt loved them so well in the months or years before they passed. If theres healing to do on that relationship, we have suggestions for that. Maybe youre angry at God, and have lost your faith. Ive been there myself, and am happy to report that Ive regained trust and a solid footing in that area. Maybe youre already receiving signs and messages from your loved one and just want a few more fun ideas about how to deepen that connection. Ive got plenty of those. And whatever your situation, the result is the same–the love endures. It never dies. It heals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: