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"Double 11" express courier industry has brought hundreds of millions of how to deal with the express "peak"? Xinhua News Agency reporter Ye Feng "double 11" Carnival, is more than 120 billion yuan of sales volume of online Taobao Tmall, on the line of the express industry is hundreds of millions of express. The electricity supplier Carnival these days behind, how to deal with the express courier industry "peak"? "The universal application of black Technology: don’t fight the biggest smart once, an Amazon warehouse video maxed circle of friends. In the video, fast mobile robot in the warehouse, the specified active handling shelves in order to sorting workers before, let a person greatly. This year, double 11, a variety of black technology has been widely used in China’s logistics delivery system. These two days, "best cloud warehouse is located in Shanghai Qingpu, a warehouse into full load operation, more than and 20 robots along the ground on the two-dimensional code set course, stop for a moment to be a shelf activity accurately moved to two sorting station. On each station, two operators like in the pharmacy, hand in hand will be sent to the shelves of a piece of goods sorting and packaging procedures quickly, into the next step. "Before the" people find goods ", the operator back and forth in storage areas and sorting area, most of the cumulative daily walk more than and 20 kilometer; now it is a" goods for people "by the robot directly to send goods from storage, carry out, a machine can replace a manual 5-7." Best logistics technology sales and marketing director Qian Kainan introduction. Reporters in through courier is located in Shanghai District of Qingpu Hua Zhilu headquarters operation center saw a conveyor belt running to more than 200 meters long, 2 meters a second speed on the conveyor belt orderly wrapped respectively through corresponding laser scanning, automatic fall in bags on both sides of the. This is the independent research and development of automatic sorting system, this year is the first time put into use, the fastest one hour to deal with 23000 parcels. To optimize the consumer experience: more complete service State Post Bureau monitoring data show that the main business enterprise this year "double 11" all day long produced a total of 350 million pieces of express orders, an increase of 59%; all day long each postal and courier companies a total of 251 million, an increase of 52%. Preliminary estimates, from November 11th to 16, the entire industry to deal with mail (express) business volume will be more than 1 billion 50 million, an increase of 35% over last year. So massive, courier companies how to deal with? According to the postal sector statistics, this year, double 11 period, the majority of postal, courier companies will invest about 11000000 square meters of processing space, the staff of about 2000000. The use of electronic waybill agreement more than 70% customers use rate and data sending technology, the ability to convey to the grassroots demand ahead of enterprises, make preparations for more targeted. The number of courier companies responsible person told the reporter, "double 11" has entered the eighth year, a rookie of the network and the enterprise support preparation, has been able to take time for "double 11". This year’s goal is not only to express delivery will be successfully completed, more important is to improve services, optimize the consumer experience. Quality centered.相关的主题文章: